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Published games


Tolomeo (2012) by D. Allegrini, edited by Dal Tenda.

Imhotep (2010) by P. Harding, edited by da Kosmos.

Marco Polo (2012) by S. Luciani and D. Tascini, edited by Hans im Glück.

Who sleeps won’t fish (2012) by D. Rigolone, edited by Piatnik (Expresso Fishing).

Cacao (2010) by P. Harding, edited by Abacus Spiele.

Ready to rock (2010) by Tommaso Bonetti, self produced.

Aquileia (2010) by Cielo d’Oro, edited in coproduction by Zoch and 999 Games.

Drop Site (2010) by Dennis B. Hoyle, edited by Gordion Games.

Kalimambo (2010) by Antonio Scrittore, edited by Zoch.

Nuraghe (2008) by Simone Luciani, edited by Cranio.

Campos (2008) by Pietro Vozzolo, edited by Huch&Friends.

Portobello Road (2008) by Simone Luciani, published by Piatnik as Frutti di mare

Egizia (2008) by Acchittocca, published by Hans im Glück as Egizia

Strada romana (2008) by Walter Obert, published by Ghenos

Fairy Power (2008) by Antonino Calogero, published by Lanza del Vasto di Genova

Ur (2006) by Paolo Mori, published by What’s your game

Star System (2006) by Walter Obert, published by Scribabs

The muddle maze (2006) by Enrico Pesce and Federica Rinaldi, published by Scribabs (Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas) and in 2016 with its Expansion.

Terranova (2004) by Gaetano Evola and Rosanna Leocata, published by Winning Moves

Moria (2004) by Alessandro Saragosa, published by Clementoni as König Solomons Schatzkammer and Indiana Jones

Al Fischmarkt (2004) by Mario Papini, published by Clementoni as Fischmarkt

I Vichinghi (2004) by Alessandro Zucchini published by Amigo as Walhalla

Criminal mouse (2004)  by the prisoners of San Vittore, published by Faro

Feudo (2004) by Mario Papini, published by Zugames

Andrew’s cage (2002) by Andrea Mainini, published by Recent Toys International as Tunnelz

Spin & Trap (2002) by Andrea Mainini, published by GoldSieber and Recent Toys

Collection (2002) by Luisa and Francesco Cognetti, published by Dal Negro (Collection); then by Piatnik as Minestrone)

Major Tom (2002) by Roland and Tobias Goslar, published by Kronberger Spiele as Tom Tube

Old Town (2002) by Stephen Riedler, published by Clicker Spiele

Cromodrom (2002) by Giuseppe Bonfiglio, published by Piatnik as Farb Flitzer

Bisanzio (2000) by Alessandro Saragosa, published by 999 games (Justinian)

Gnomoni (2000) by Duilio Carpitella, published by Piatnik as San Gimignano – nomination Spiel des Jahres 2002

Sopravvento (2000) by Alberto Zaccagni, published by Sopravvento

Verba game (1998) by Giuliano Parenti and Torquato Lo Mele, published by Dal Negro

Trikube (1998) by Luca Borsa, published by Ravensburger as Verbindung gesucht

Trigos (1998) by Paolo Gasperat, published by Arg Design

Cuzco (1998) by Andrea Mainini, published by HUCH! & friends (Azteka)

Forma o colore? (1996) by Francesco Rotta, published by Hiku Spiel; then Faro as Oxxo

Algoritmo (1994) by Giacomo Dotta, published by Qualitygame

C’era una volta (1994) by Francesco Lutrario, published by Carte Segrete

Kupido (1994) by Giovanni Caron, published by Qualitygame

Konos (Editions 1992-1993) by Giovanni Grieco, Andrea Grieco, Norberto Roccasalva, published by  G.E.MI