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Studiogiochi was born in 1987 as a result of Dario De Toffoli’s interest in everything game related.

The company specializes in:

• newspapers and editorial collaborations
• creating boardgames
• organizing gaming events

Venice Connection, a sister publishing house founded by De Toffoli himself together with Alex Randolph and Leo Colovini, has been dealing with the games’ realization and production since 1995.

Dario Zaccariotto was a long-time game companion, and like a breath of fresh air he officially became a member of studiogiochi in 1996.

As of today, studiogiochi boasts 35 years of experience, and it has never ceased to evolve and reinvent itself.

Studiogiochi partners with firms, local companies, associations, institutions to:

  • create new board games
  • create puzzle pages and magazines
  • realize newspapers columns, and any other kind of editorial product
  • conceive and organize game events
  • discuss and expand on the socio-cultural values of gaming
  • shine a light on the possibility of gaming as a communicational, educational, training and promotional tool


Interview with Dario De Toffoli

Dario De Toffoli presents studiogiochi at the microphone of Radio Venezia Live Social (2018)