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In the beginning of the 80’s Dario De Toffoli met the world of games: this fact changed his life.
Gradually he left his previous professions and begun to collaborate with  newspapers and publishers that handled with games.

Thanks to this new interest, in 1987 studiogiochi was born: a company that since then works on

• the collaborations and consultancies with newspapers and editors
• the creation of boardgames
• the organization of game events

Since 1995 the realization and production of games has been done by the “sister” publishing house Venice Connection, grounded by De Toffoli together with Alex Randolph and Leo Colovini.

In 1996 Dario Zaccariotto, a great games mate, became officially member of studiogiochi. His good-tempered nature brought a gust of fresh air in the company.

studiogiochi is a strong company thanks to its 30 years of experience, and is still constantly improving, always looking for new trends. With its efficient workteam (that includes the best experts for each discipline) it is able to satisfy every request at any kind of level.

studiogiochi is therefore the ideal partner for firms, local companies, associations,  istitutions and everybody that is interested in:

• creating games
• taking care of newspaper columns
• realizing editorial products of any kind
• managing tournaments and championships
• setting up playrooms
• organizing conventions, exhibitions or any other cultural event about games
• discovering the Game as a promotional and communicational and tool.


Telechiara, “TG inchiesta” – Interventions by Dario De Toffoli, Marco Maggi, Leo Colovini, Fabrizio Capigatti, Francesco Nepitello, Dario Zaccariotto, Massimo Cacciari: