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Presentation of the book Il manuale dei giochi di tavoliere

December 2023: Dario De Toffoli will talk with author Marino Carpignano at the presentation of the book Il manuale dei giochi di tavoliere (The Handbook of Board Games), to be held at the V. Joppi Library in Udine on Dec. 14.

The Festival in Bratislava

1st December 2023: personalized trophy for De Toffoli in Bratislava for his victory in the H.O.R.S.E. tournament (5 poker variants that alternate continuously at the table).

Il manuale dei giochi di tavoliere (The handbook of board games)

November 2023: Marino Carpignano published the book Il manuale dei giochi di tavoliere – storie, regole, varianti (the handbook of board games – stories, rules, variants), with a preface by Dario De Toffoli.

Premio Archimede 2023: the photos

22 September 2023: photos from the event are finally online, over two hundred images documenting this fantastic edition, from the jury at work to the awards ceremony! Press review also published.


Broad Lines

October 2023: here is the long-awaited cooperative party game designed by Piero Modolo and already published in 2 languages (6 more are coming) by Cranio Creations! An all-drawing game, simple but not trivial, that line after line will drag everyone into a spiral of pure fun!

On the Road

September 2023: from an idea by Gabriele Bubola presented at the Archimedes Prize 2021 and then developed with Leo Colovini, was born On the Road, a new game published by Helvetiq. Music bands travel to conquer new fans, to impose themselves at the Sunshine Festival, the world’s biggest music event!

Il Gioco di Carletto

August 2023: the cute Findus mascot turns 25 and celebrates with a cooperative game by Leo Colovini, developed and produced by studiogiochi! Find out more about Carletto’s Game and try to win it too!

Allena-mente 2.0

July 2023: a book designed as a gym for the brain. Word, number and general culture games to keep various areas in shape, stimulating memory, creativity, logic and more.


Play Masterword, the game that tests your logical and creative reasoning skills, developed by studiogiochi!

2022 was the “randolphian” year!
On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth (on May 4, 2022) the gaming world dedicated deserved tributes to him. It was time that even the “gamers” became aware of one of the giants on whose shoulders we all stand.
In this area the chronicle of what happened throughout the course of the year.

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