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    Mind Sports Olympiad – De Toffoli on Il Fatto Quotidiano

    30 August 2019: Mind Sports Olympiad take place in London since 1997. A unique event, but still niche, that deserve a quality leap.

    Mind Sports Olympiad 2019

    13 August 2019: it’s August, and as always in London there will take place the Mind Sports Olympiad, the best chance in the world to play in a competitive (but still friendly) way a plethora of games. Follow our “Chronicles from the boards”!

    Gambling, once upon a time there was the advertising ban – De Toffoli su Il Fatto Quotidiano

    6 August 2019: it seems that the Italian government has thrown the towel on the advertising ban for gambing, let’s make things clear.

    Superenalotto: game or fraud? – De Toffoli on Il Fatto Quotidiano

    2 August 2019: even with the highest jackpot ever, the chance to win is still the same – one in over 622 millions.


      Reazione a catena 2019

      6 June 2019: out in newsstands every thursday, Reazione a catena comes back this year. Do not miss the official magazine of the tv show that will entertain you for the whole summer!

      Antonio Gramsci con… Numeri

      16 settembre 2019: con grande piacere scopriamo che Antonio Gramsci, nipote dell’omonimo politico e filosofo, utilizza il nostro libro Numeri nelle sue lezioni di matematica in una scuola italiana di Mosca.

      Atlantis Russian edition

      July 2019: new look for the Russian version of Atlantis just released, a great success by Leo Colovini. Same rules, completely new artwork.


      June 2019: we proudly present Hats, by Gabriele Bubola, coming from the latest edition of Premio Archimede, and now published by ThunderGryph.


        They called him Leonardo

        Udine, 21 September 2019: Italian Games Archive, as part of the exhibition Per Quanto Tempo è per Sempre?, organizes a children’s workshop to discover some of Leonardo Da Vinci’s inventions.

        The Smart Play at Friuli DOC

        Udine, 14 September 2019: Italian Games Archive, during the event Friuli DOC at Udine Castle, let over 600 people play with the board games of the project The Smart Play – La Mossa giusta.

        Games as a form of integration

        Udine, 27 June 2019: Italian Games Archive took part in a meeting about the relationship between games and social integration, organized as part of the “L’Arte non Mente” event.

        Hackathon – ANCI Fvg

        Udine, 15 June 2019: Italian Games Archive hosted one of the working tables of HackFVG organized by ANCI.