Latest news

    Learning to reason by playing and calculating

    November 2020: Tokalon training for primary and secondary school teachers: 3 lessons by Dario De Toffoli to learn how to think and make decisions, using the Game, Mathematics and the Game of and in Mathematics.

    Lex Arcana RPG 2020 finalist

    8 October 2020: Lex Arcana is a “Gioco di Ruolo dell’Anno 2020” prize (role-playing game prize) finalist. The jury has nominated five finalists between 22 games in competition. This year, a participation record!

    Herbert Feuerstein is died

    6 October 2020: Herbert Feuerstein, a famous German TV personality, is died. We remember him as president of J.P. Halvah Foundation, created by Alex Randolph (with his cat’s name!) to help the up-and-coming game authors. The Foundation was our partner for Premio Archimede, on this page you can see a video with a chat between Randolph and Feuerstein in 1994 in Venice.

    Mind Sports Olympiad 2020

    24 August 2020: a month of online Mind Sports Olympiad. 90 tournaments. Thousands of participants from over the world. And a lot of Italians are getting into it. Come and discover how it is going!


      Clever Keys

      October 2020: Clever Keys by Leo Colovini and Teodoro Mitidieri, published by Haba, is coming soon at Spiel Digital. A memory game and risk, looking for valuable gemstones on a tower of an old castle…

      Die Seher von Santiiba

      September 2020: the publisher Zoch announced the next release of Die Seher von Santiiba by Leo Colovini and Teodoro Mitidieri. The oracle great spectacle is going on stage, with deception and thought reading…

      Enigmistica24 continues every two weeks

      24 September 2020: from Saturday 26 September the very popular supplement of the Sole24Ore edited by studiogiochi will run fortnightly. 32 pages of unmissable economic and cultural games await you at the newsstands!

      De Schat van Kadora

      September 2020: De Schat van Kadora by Félix Bernat Julián, published by 999 Games, is coming soon. A card game in which pirates landed on the island of Kadora, after discover a treasure of coloured diamonds, find out that it is under a spell…


        RPG 2 • School for Masters

        28 October 2020: on the second of three online meeting about RPG, we will talk about schools for fans of RPG with Laura Cardinale by Il Salotto di Giano and Michele Facco by La Costola dei Barbari.

        RPG 1 • A little conversation about RPG

        21 October 2020: Italian Games Archive organized a series of three online meeting about Role-Playing Games. In the first we talked about what a RPG is with Mirella Vicini, Anna Benedetto, Beniamino Sidoti and Francesco Nepitello. Recording of the meeting available online.

        Final Italian Mental Calculation Championship 2020

        17 October 2020: has took place in Udine the final Italian Mental Calculation Championship 2020. Domenico Mancuso is the champion once again, find out the others winners and have a look to the event pictures.

        Gioco – Cultura – Educazione

        Udine, 30 September 2020: the event “GIOCO – CULTURA – EDUCAZIONE” (Game – Culture – Education) has took place at Udine Castle’s. It included a series of meetings dedicated to the Italian writer Giampaolo Dossena and to the Ida Sello Collection’s.