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    Premio Archimede is becoming increasingly international!

    October 2019: we welcome three new publishers have become Premio Archimede partners, and their editors that will be part of the final jury: CMON (Singapore) with Andrea Chiarvesio, MANDOO (Corea del Sud) with Kevin Kichan Kim, RIO GRANDE (Usa) with Jay Tummelson.

    Games, as always Essen is the Makkah of boardgames – De Toffoli on Il Fatto Quotidiano

    31 October 2019: this year more than 200,000 visitors at the Spiel fair of Essen, 1,500 new games presented, 1,200 exhibitors. A lot of gaming and a lot of Italy too!

    Essen 2019

    Ottobre 2019: studiogiochi non poteva mancare alla Mecca dei giochi, la mitica Spiel di Essen, quest’anno più grande di sempre!

    ISOP 2019-2020: De Toffoli Omaha Main’s triumph

    26 October 2019: Dario De Toffoli wins the ISOP 2019-2020 Omaha Main tournament held in Nova Gorica!


      Castello Methoni

      September 2019: the Korean Mandoo Games released a new game by Leo Colovini, Castello Methoni. In this game, you will take on the role of the rich Venetian merchants trying to colonize the town of Methoni, building walls, houses and castles to become the rulers of the city.

      Marco Polo II: Im Auftrag des Khan

      Novembre 2019: è uscito il seguito di Sulle tracce di Marco Polo. Completamente indipendente dal primo, questo gioco presenta nuove sfide e nuove regole, in un nuovo avvincente viaggio di Marco Polo, questa volta al servizio del Khan.

      Koning Odysseus

      November 2019: 999 Games and Het Geluidshuis has given to the mechanics of Leo – muss zum Friseur a completely new theme! In this cooperative game, made to accompany a new audio-book on the Odyssey, you must help Ulysses to get back to Ithaca to his beloved Penelope.

      Reazione a catena – the board game

      September 2019: Ravensburger released the official board game of the famous Italian TV show reazione a catena, adapted and developed by studiogiochi.


        Azul Tournament

        Udine, 16 November 2019: Azul tournament valid for the National Championship, to the winners the finals at Play Modena 2020!

        Beniamino Sidoti, learning into a game

        Udine, 7 November 2019: one of the speeches of the series Teacher Training Education and Games, Beniamino Sidoti will show the art of game used for educational purposes.

        They called him Leonardo

        Udine, 21 September 2019: Italian Games Archive, as part of the exhibition Per Quanto Tempo è per Sempre?, organizes a children’s workshop to discover some of Leonardo Da Vinci’s inventions.

        The Smart Play at Friuli DOC

        Udine, 14 September 2019: Italian Games Archive, during the event Friuli DOC at Udine Castle, let over 600 people play with the board games of the project The Smart Play – La Mossa giusta.