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    Il campione mondiale di memoria è italiano – De Toffoli su Il Fatto Quotidiano

    12 December 2019: the incredible undertakings of the new World Memory Champion. Andrea Muzii is 20 years old and started with Rubik’s Cube.

    Premio Archimede is becoming increasingly international!

    October 2019: we welcome three new publishers have become Premio Archimede partners, and their editors that will be part of the final jury: CMON (Singapore) with Andrea Chiarvesio, MANDOO (Corea del Sud) with Kevin Kichan Kim, RIO GRANDE (Usa) with Jay Tummelson.

    Games, as always Essen is the Makkah of boardgames – De Toffoli on Il Fatto Quotidiano

    31 October 2019: this year more than 200,000 visitors at the Spiel fair of Essen, 1,500 new games presented, 1,200 exhibitors. A lot of gaming and a lot of Italy too!

    Essen 2019

    Ottobre 2019: studiogiochi non poteva mancare alla Mecca dei giochi, la mitica Spiel di Essen, quest’anno più grande di sempre!


      Lex Arcana is coming!

      16 December 2019: Cohors Arcana is coming! The Italian PDF versions of the Base Manual and the Encyclopaedia Arcana have been distributed to the bakers of the Quickstarter, before receiving the physical copy of the new edition of the most successful italian tabletop role-playing game of all time. Let the adventure begin!

      Kosmos announces Aqualin

      9 December 2019: Kosmos announces the spring release of Aqualin by Marcello Bertocchi, a new game set in the deep of the ocean that come from the last edition of Premio Archimede, where it finished in second place.

      New size for Enigmistica24

      30 November 2019: with new size and new contents, the fortnightly supplement to Sole 24 Ore fully designed by studiogiochi is coming to newsstands. 32 pages of economy and culture games to not miss!

      Marco Polo II: Im Auftrag des Khan

      November 2019: the sequel of The Voyages of Marco Polo. A self-standing game, completely independent from the other edition, this game has new challenges and rules, in a new exciting journey, this time at the service of the Khan.


        Italian Mental Calculation Championship 2020

        Udine, 16 January 2020: registration is now open for the next Italian Mental Calculation Championship, that will be held in Udine at high school A. Malignani Saturday 21th March 2020 at 1:30 p.m.

        Presentation Fotonica in gioco

        Udine, 9 December 2019: presentation of the national contest for Italian high school students Fotonica in gioco organized by IFN – CNR.

        Scienza in gioco

        Udine, 9 December 2019: inauguration of the Scienza in gioco exhibition and presentation of the national contest for Italian high school students Fotonica in gioco organized by IFN – CNR.

        Juan Francisco García de la Banda, math and strategy games

        Udine, 5 December 2019: third meeting of the Teacher Training series. The spanish Juan Francisco García de la Banda will show the relation between math and strategy games.