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Premio Archimede 2018: the winner is JAP, by G. A. Cappuzzo

29 September 2018: JAP (Just Another Pirate game), by Gian Andrea Cappuzzo wins the competition. Second place goes to Feudalink by Marcello Bertocchi, by just one point.

I giochi nel cassetto

15 January 2019: Leo Colovini was invited to give a lesson on game design at the Republic of San Marino University.

Gente Veneta – 5/10/2018

October 2018: a nice article about Premio Archimede 2018 was published in Gente Veneta, a local weekly magazine.

Schedule for the award ceremony of Premio Archimede 2018

September 2018: schedule for the award ceremony of Premio Archimede 2018.


Heul Doch! Mau mau

December 2018: the new, funny onion-card game by Leo Colovini. For the whole family, hanky to dry tears included!


December 2018: a game by Peter Verhaeghe where you use tactics and bluff in the colorful atmosphere of the carnival!

Enigmistica MIA still going on with success

November 2018: Enigmistica MIA continues to be published, a weekly publication made entirely by studiogiochi!

Imhotep – Das Duell

November 2018: Imhotep – Das Duell was released, a two-player version of the Imhotep series.


Campionato Italiano di Calcolo Mentale 2019

Udine, 9 March: Italian Mental Calculation Championship which awards the title of Italian Champion, and the other titles Under 14 Italian Champion, Under 18 Italian Champion and Senior Italian Champion.

Lesson on mental calculation

Udine, 31 January 2019: Dario De Toffoli gives a lecture on methods and strategies to do mental calculation using exclusively our mind.

Energia in gioco

Udine, 29 December 2018: an afternoon dedicated to energy-themed games!

Donation by MS Edizioni

Udine, 27 December 2018: MS Edizioni gives many of his published games to Archivio Italiano dei Giochi. Thank you!