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We received a shipment full of…

1 April 2021: no, it’s not an April Fools’ joke, the number of prototypes for the 2020-21 edition of the Premio Archimede are 236! This photo shows what the Premio is, better than any other description.

Gambling: if you know it, you avoid it

24 November 2020: Dario De Toffoli was invited by Play Res to be the speaker of the first of four online training meetings for board game facilitators. He will tell us about the mechanisms behind gambling.

Ciao Teodomiro Dal Negro

11 November 2020: Teodomiro Dal Negro, known as Miro, sadly passed away. With him, we had in the 80s and 90s an intense, fruitful and fun collaboration.
In Lex Arcana we dedicated the character of Emperor Theodomirus to him, who opens the game with his speech to the Senate.
Ciao Miro!

Learning to reason by playing and calculating

November 2020: Tokalon training for primary and secondary school teachers: 3 lessons by Dario De Toffoli to learn how to think and make decisions, using the Game, Mathematics and the Game of and in Mathematics.


When puzzles meet culture and economy

1 April 2021: Enigmistica24 changes its day of release and its periodicity. The next issue will be released on FRIDAY April 16th, initially taking place monthly (May 14th, June 11th, July 9th) and then becoming weekly for the summer (from July 30th).

300 quesiti Kangourou

March 2021: the new collection of logical and mathematical questions proposed in various editions of the Kangourou della Matematica competition-game has been released, selected by Dario Zaccariotto!

Merchants of Dunhuang French edition

March 2021: the French edition of Merchants of Dunhuang, the successful game by Gabriele Bubola, is coming soon. Published by Mandoo Games, it is set in the ancient Silk Road.

Enigmistica24 proposes new columns

28 January 2021: the new Bridge column edited by the FIGB has generated great interest and, starting from January 30th (Saturday), there will also be the new column “Giochilli”, edited by Beniamino Sidoti, with the aim of establishing a dialogue with the most creative among the readers. Don’t miss it!

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