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Imhotep Das Duell recommended by Spiel des Jahres 2019

20 May 2019: an important recognition for Imhotep Das Duell. It is one of the recommended games by Spiel des Jahres 2019!

Campionati italiani di Poker ISOP 2019

17-27 maggio 2019: nuova avventura di Dario De Toffoli ai Campionati Italiani di Poker del circuito ISOP, che negli ultimi anni gli hanno regalato parecchie soddisfazioni.

Learning from mistakes – De Toffoli on Il Fatto Quotidiano

16 May 2019: reading’s recommendation on games and more, starting with Il fallimento è rivoluzione. Perché sbagliare fa bene (Failing is revolution. Why doing mistakes is good) by Francesca Corrado.

InCONTRO l’azzardo – Play ’19

6 April 2019: during PLAY: Festival del Gioco 2019, Dario De Toffoli did a speech in a crowded meeting called inCONTRO l’azzardo talking about playing games as prevention.


loZaccarielli is back

March 2019: loZaccarielli is back. Page available only in italian.

Enigmistica24 is back in the newsstand

2 February 2019: Enigmistica 24, the supplement ofIl Sole 24 Ore entirely made by studiogiochi, is back in the newsstand: we are so proud… as this photo of our own “Zack” is well showing!

TV MIA Enigmistica

23 February 2019: a new insert is going to enlarge the ever-growing offer studiogiochi has in the field of puzzles and brain teasers, with 12 pages of crosswords, sudoku and other games.


January 2019: Piatnik presents Kensington at Nuremberg toy fair, a family game where each player takes on the role of a Londoner builder in the Georgian era.


AIG at the International Game Day 2019

Udine, 25 May 2019: the Italian Games Archive will partecipate to the International Game Day with: “Games go Big”: come to try the giant versions of games of our collection!

Meeting URBACT Playful Paradigm Transfer Network

Udine, 24 and 25 May 2019: Dario De Toffoli will explain during the 2nd International Meeting URBACT Playful Paradigm, the essentials of a good game that aims to sustain urban planning.

Board Game Studies: De Toffoli introduces AIG

Bologna, 10 May 2019: De Toffoli introduces the AIG to international guests of the Board Games Studies, with his speech A new games archive has born in Udine.

Far East Games

Udine, 27 April 2019: during Far East Film Festival 21, an afternoon of oriental games: everybody will be able to play Mah Jong, Shogi, Go and other oriental games.