Latest news

    Premio Archimede 2020 extended

    10 April 2020: considering the coronavirus health emergency, we decided to reopen the terms of the competition. The deadline for REGISTERING and sending us the prototypes is extended to the 31st of October, 2020 and the final ceremony is postponed to a future date in 2021, which is yet to be defined.

    IUSVE Cube Radio interviews Zaccariotto

    18 May 2020: we rest on the tripod! IUSVE Cube Radio interviews our Dario Zaccariotto, who talks about the activity of studiogiochi and the importance of playing, even as adults.

    Creators of worlds

    12 May 2020: we talked with CNR about creativity in music, in games and in science… there are many points in common! Dario De Toffoli and Leo Colovini attended in behalf of studiogiochi.

    Esculea International de Juegos de Estrategia

    10 May 2020: live speech by Dario De Toffoli to a beautiful initiative of the “Esculea International de Juegos de Strategia”. Among the many guests, Paco de la Banda, Andres Kuusk, Ricardo Gomes, Vincent Frochot and also our incredible Andrea Muzii.


      Kleine Kläffer is in the stores!

      June 2020: the winner of the Cartamundi Special Prize at the 2018 Premio Archimede, Kleine Kläffer by Félix Bernat Julián, was released. It is a card game in which different dog breeds compete to conquer the territories in the Queens district of New York.

      Lex Arcana has arrived!

      June 2020: the paper version of the highly anticipated new role-playing game Lex Arcana, produced by Quality Games, is finally out. The wait was long, but the result is truly fantastic!

      Aqualin is in the stores!

      June 2020: Kosmos released Aqualina game by Marcello Bertocchi. This game, set in the deep of the ocean, comes from the last edition of Premio Archimede, where it finished in second place.

      Enigmistica24 will become a weekly magazine

      18 May 2020: the appreciated Sole24Ore supplement by studiogichi continues. The number scheduled for May 23 will be released on June 6, then from June 20 the publication will available weekly.


        Learning to make decisions

        25 June 2020: third online meeting on mathematics in board games. Dario De Toffoli has addressed the mathematical structures of classic games such as Backgammon and Poker as a paradigm of making decisions in stressful conditions, talking about it with Sara Callegari, Dario Zaccariotto and Andrea de Zandonati.

        When the scoring system guides the game

        18 giugno 2020: second online appointment about math in board games. This time, we talk about what happens when it’s the scoring system that guides the game.

        Math hidden in game boards

        11 June 2020: the Italian Games Archive started a series of three web talks about math in board games, moderated by Dario De Toffoli. In the first meeting, we talked about math aspects hidden inside various game boards.

        Web talk with the incredible Andrea Muzii

        4 June 2020: for Pi Day 2020, the Italian Games Archive organized a special online event with the World Memory Champion Andrea Muzii, holder of 6 world records an champion of Blindfolded Rubik’s Cube!