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    Coronavirus, anche il mondo dei giochi fa la sua parte – De Toffoli su Il Fatto Quotidiano

    3 aprile 2020: il gioco al tempo del virus; beneficenza, gioco online e precedenze culturali. E le sale slot chiuse!

    Premio Archimede 2020 confirmed

    9 March 2020: in spite of the present difficulties, the Premio Archimede 2020 goes on regularly. All the dates and the rules of competition are confirmed, at the moment the date of October 3 for the award ceremony is confirmed as well.

    Musée Suisse du Jeu – Premio Archimede

    5 March 2020: also this year the Musée Suisse du Jeu (Suiss Museum of games) organized an exhibition dedicated to the Premio Archimede’s games. The awarded prototypes are shown as well as some games of the previous editions which in the meantime have been published.

    Leo won the “5 Seasons 2019” award

    10 February 2020: Playing Season awards the best board games of the last year in Portugal. Sixteen categories with votes from the public and from expert jurors. Between the international titles there is Leo goes to the barber by Leo Colovini, winner in the “Kids” category and distributed in Portugal by Devir, that won also the prize “Game distributor of the year”.


      Marco Polo II on Spielbox

      February 2020: Marco Polo II Marco Polo II just earned the cover of the latest issue of Spielbox! And, in the review, all the 5 playtesters agreed on giving it the same vote, 8. Excellent!

      Garum by Ricardo Jorge Gomes

      March 2020: the game Overmatch, created by the Portuguese author Ricardo Jorge Gomes, was selected in the long-list of Premio Archimede 2016 and is now published by Pythagoras. Ricardo is a great “tabletop games” player and in 2018 won the Eurogames World Championship in London at the Mind Sports Olympiad. Well done, Ricardo!

      Vabanque new edition

      February 2020: at the casino tables the stakes increase from round to round, with intuition and bluffs… A new amazing edition of Vabanque is coming soon!

      Merchant of Dunhuang

      February 2020: previewed in Nuremberg also the new game by Gabriele Bubola, coming from the last edition of Premio Archimede and published by Mandoo Games. Expected release in April.


        Mental Calculation Italian Championship 2020

        Udine, 16 January 2020: registration is now open for the next Mental Calculation Italian Championship, that will be held in Udine at high school A. Malignani Saturday 5th September 2020 at 1:30 p.m.

        Presentation of Fotonica in gioco

        Udine, 9 December 2019: presentation of the national contest for Italian high school students Fotonica in gioco organized by IFN – CNR.

        Scienza in gioco

        Udine, 9 December 2019: inauguration of the Scienza in gioco exhibition and presentation of the national contest for Italian high school students Fotonica in gioco organized by IFN – CNR.

        Juan Francisco García de la Banda, math and strategy games

        Udine, 5 December 2019: third meeting of the Teacher Training series. The spanish Juan Francisco García de la Banda will show the relation between math and strategy games.