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Premio Archimede 2021: voting and prize giving ceremony

9 September 2021: during the next weeks the final jury will gather to play and vote for the finalist prototypes. Sunday 3 October the Premio Archimede 2021 will finally come to an end with the announcement of the winners.

4th bracelet for Dario De Toffoli

9 September 2021: Dario De Toffoli wins the Italian Omaha Hi-Lo Championship and conquers the ISOP bracelet record!

MSO 2021

11 August 2021: here we are! Friday 13th August, the XXV Mind Sports Olympiad will start, and for sure Dario’s “Chronicles from the boards” arrives as well.

ioGioco interviews Leo Colovini

August 2021: the gaming magazine ioGioco published an interview with our Leo Colovini in issue 22, released on 30 July 2021.


Seefahrt Ins Wisse

August 2021: a new pocket-sized escape room signed by Leo Colovini and set in the historic sailing ship Enigma has been released. After the first night on board, players discover that the crew has disappeared and all doors are locked…

Ist das Wer?!

July 2021: A new funny game from Zoch is coming soon, designed by Enrico Feresin and illustrated by Gabriela Silveira, and set in a 3D grove with many animals to save…

5 nuove edizioni per Clever Keys

July 2021: Haba published 5 new editions of Clever Keys, by Leo Colovini and Teodoro Mitidieri. A revealing game for fans of memory games and risk.

Day & Night

July 2021: Day & Night, by Andrea Mezzotero, is in the stores, published by Piatnik in multilanguage version. An original and brilliant card game, among the finalists of Premio Archimede 2016.

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