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Calcolo mentale: risolto il “138” mancante

24 giugno 2022: grazie al nostro vecchio amico Silvano Berton, ha finalmente una soluzione il problema dei “Sette 7” che era rimasto irrisolto nel Grande libro del calcolo veloce e mentale: ottenere il numero “138” usando sette volte il 7 e i necessari simboli matematici.

Giochi sul nostro tavolo intervista Dario De Toffoli

19 giugno 2022: Dario De Toffoli è stato ospite degli amici di Giochi sul nostro tavolo. Una bella chiacchierata per parlare naturalmente di Alex Randolph, ma anche delle differenze fra il mondo dei giochi degli anni ’80 e quello di oggi.

La Venaria Reale chooses studiogiochi

16 June 2022: La Venaria Reale has chosen studiogiochi as a partner for the realization of the puzzle games for the event of the year: “Play. Un anno tutto da giocare”. In fact, playing is the theme to which the palace dedicates all of 2022, with initiatives, exhibitions and cultural activities.

Il Corriere del Veneto interviews Leo Colovini

5 June 2022: here is another nice interview with our Leo Colovini, published in Corriere del Veneto, in which the author talks about his professional career in the world of board games, from the beginnings to the hundredth game he made.


Reazione a catena 2022

June 2022: new games and new design for the official weekly magazine of Reazione a catena, the game show hosted by Marco Liorni broadcast every day on Rai 1, the first Italian television channel. You can find the magazine on Italian newsstands every Thursday, by studiogiochi.

Blasting Billy

May 2022: Blasting Billy is released, a card game set in the Wild West by Bubola and Colovini. The players have just completed a bank robbery and must split up the loot… but without stepping on Blasting Billy’s toes!

Sottosopra on Enigmistica24

6 May 2022: Enigmistica24, the insert that studiogiochi curates for Il Sole 24 Ore, comes out on newsstands, with a page dedicated to Alex Randolph. In particular we are talking about Sottosopra, the puzzle game that was attached to the Unicopli 1998/99 catalog.

The Big Book of Quick and Mental Calculation

15 March 2022: finally in bookstores the Mondadori edition of this titanic work! A unique and ingenious volume, a journey full of tricks and surprises to discover fast calculation, a true manual of mental enhancement. Not to be missed!


100 years of Alex Randolph

May 4th, 2022 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Alex Randolph (1922-2004).
If Playing today enjoys a cultural credit almost unthinkable a few decades ago, it is also thanks to him and therefore… LONG LIVE THE MASTER!
We at studiogiochi, who were lucky enough to be particularly close to him, thought together with some friends to consider the whole of 2022 as a Randolphian year!

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