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Essen 2022

28 September 2022: as we prepare to return to Essen, we bring you our 9 new games that will be presented at the fair. Among these, there are also some gems from the Archimede Prize.

XXVI Mind Sports Olympiad

1 September 2022: at the recent Mind Sports Olympiad in London, three old Italian men proved (with their 207 years and 21 medals) that there is no age limit to enjoy playing and competing against the best players in the world. We had fun like children on the playground.

PokerStars talks about Mind Sports Olympiad

1 September 2022: the Italian press talks about the Mind Sports Olympiad, starting from the beginnings and the evolution of this important international event and citing the results of the Italian team at the latest edition.

Two Italians at the Mental Calculation World Cup 2022

July 2022: Domenico Mancuso and Michelangelo Sabatini, respectively 1st and 2nd classified at the last Italian Mental Calculation Championship organized by studiogiochi, represented Italy at the World Cup in Paderborn, Germany, placing themselves well above all in the surprise tests.


Fresh Fruits and Overbooking

September 2022: coming from Huch! & friends two games from the 2021 Archimede Prize, Fresh Fruits by Francesco Calvi and Overbooking by Filippo Landini, respectively 4th place and winner of the last edition.

Lex Arcana expansions: Italia and Dacia and Thracia

September 2022: We present two more expansions of the new Lex Arcana, Lex Arcana – Italia (2021) and Lex Arcana – Dacia and Thracia. The first describes the rich and varied Province of Italia, the cradle of Rome and the heart of the Empire. The second describes the wild and dangerous provinces of Dacia and Thracia.

Das Geheimnis von San Marco

Settembre 2022: un’altra escape room in arrivo da Moses, questa volta ambientata alla biblioteca Marciana di Venezia, dove i giocatori dovranno risolvere gli enigmi necessari a guadagnarsi un’antica eredità.

Enigmistica24 becomes weekly

29 July 2022: from today and throughout the month of August, Enigmistica24 passes from monthly to weekly. Created entirely by studiogiochi, it is available every Friday at newsstands with Il Sole 24 Ore.


100 years of Alex Randolph

May 4th, 2022 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Alex Randolph (1922-2004).
If Playing today enjoys a cultural credit almost unthinkable a few decades ago, it is also thanks to him and therefore… LONG LIVE THE MASTER!
We at studiogiochi, who were lucky enough to be particularly close to him, thought together with some friends to consider the whole of 2022 as a Randolphian year!

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