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Premio Archimede 2020 again extended

1 December 2020: given the numerous requests from authors who have had difficulties in play-testing due to Covid-19, we decided to REOPEN the deadline for SIGNING UP and for sending the prototypes from 1st December 2020 to 28th February 2021.

Gambling: if you know it, you avoid it

24 November 2020: Dario De Toffoli was invited by Play Res to be the speaker of the first of four online training meetings for board game facilitators. He will tell us about the mechanisms behind gambling.

Ciao Teodomiro Dal Negro

11 November 2020: Teodomiro Dal Negro, known as Miro, sadly passed away. With him, we had in the 80s and 90s an intense, fruitful and fun collaboration.
In Lex Arcana we dedicated the character of Emperor Theodomirus to him, who opens the game with his speech to the Senate.
Ciao Miro!

Learning to reason by playing and calculating

November 2020: Tokalon training for primary and secondary school teachers: 3 lessons by Dario De Toffoli to learn how to think and make decisions, using the Game, Mathematics and the Game of and in Mathematics.


Bye bye Logika

January 2021: we imagined, designed and built it and the publisher Sprea published it for 118 issues. Now the adventure is over for us.

Sblocca la porta Deluxe

December 2020: Clementoni released Sblocca la porta Deluxe, a game by Leo Colovini and Francesco Berardi. An escape room for families with 4 different adventures and many puzzles to solve!

Vabanque su Kickstarter

November 2020: it’s finally online the Kickstarter campaign of a new edition of Vabanque, a bluff game at the casino tables. Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets!

Clever Keys

October 2020: Clever Keys by Leo Colovini and Teodoro Mitidieri, published by Haba, is coming soon at Spiel Digital. A memory game and risk, looking for valuable gemstones on a tower of an old castle…

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