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MSO: Paco de la Banda interviews Dario De Toffoli

25 February 2019: Games are for everybody, they keep your mind flexible. So, what are you waiting for: let’s play!
See you at MSO 2019.

NetBet likes our site

18 March 2019: our site was mentioned among the top ten sites of… videogames!?!?! And they also say good words about us. Wow, even boardgames are attracting the attention of the videogames’ community. Well done.

Blog su Il Fatto Quotidiano

1 March 2019: a new article on the blog from Il Fatto Quotidiano.
The argument is that board games are the best way to prevent issues derived from gambling.

Spielwarenmesse 2019

Nuremberg, February 2019: 29 prototypes, 25 meeting with publishers from all over the world, 17 represented authors, first contracts at hand, and evenings at the most infamous pubs: mission Spielwarenmesse completed! Our heroes tired but satisfied.


loZaccarielli is back

March 2019: loZaccarielli is back. Page available only in italian.

Enigmistica24 is back in the newsstand

2 February 2019: Enigmistica 24, the supplement ofIl Sole 24 Ore entirely made by studiogiochi, is back in the newsstand: we are so proud… as this photo of our own “Zack” is well showing!

TV MIA Enigmistica

23 February 2019: a new insert is going to enlarge the ever-growing offer studiogiochi has in the field of puzzles and brain teasers, with 12 pages of crosswords, sudoku and other games.


January 2019: Piatnik presents Kensington at Nuremberg toy fair, a family game where each player takes on the role of a Londoner builder in the Georgian era.


New italian Pi record

Udine, 14 March 2019: Luca Vadacca beated the italian Pi record with 7,106 decimal figures by memory. The competition was held in Udine during Pi Day.

Italian Mental Calculation Championship

Udine, 9 March 2019: following the Italian Mental Calculation Championship, the title of Italian Champion, together with other titles, was awarded.

Let’s calculate together a question from the Italian Championship of Mental Calculation

13 March 2019: does root to the seventh of 42.618.442.977 seem impossible? Of course not, it’s much easier than it looks!

Ludica. Annali di storia e civiltà del gioco, talks about the Archive

7 March 2019: inside the issue nr. 24 of the prestigious magazine Ludica. Annali di storia e civiltà del gioco there is a space dedicated to Italian Games’ Archive.