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The notice of competition for Premio Archimede 2025 is online!

25 March 2024: did you design a game and would like to show it to the most important publishers and have it published? The notice of competition for Premio Archimede 2025 is now online, with all the information you need to participate to the biggest Italian contest for unpublished board games! Keep an eye for the latest changes, read the notice carefully!

The future of board games

March 2024: Andrea Storchi, as part of his research on the “future” within a Master’s program in Social Forecasting at the University of Trento, proposed to Dario De Toffoli a series of original and completely unexpected questions, which generated a number of interesting reflections.

Mojo Nation interviews Leo Colovini

March 2024: Mojo Nation, the British site celebrating the creativity of games and designers, published a long interview with our Leo Colovini, who explained how his profession as an author began and how some of his best games came to be.

Mind Sports Olympiad Grand Prix 2024

February 2024: the Mind Sports Olympiad Grand Prix 2024, which contains more than 100 tournaments bringing together the world’s best players in online competition, has begun.


Cartagena Escape Diaries

February 2024: Pretzel Games has released a new version of Leo Colovini’s great classic, this time crewed by 6 different animal pirates, to be guided in their escape from Cartagena prison with different game modes! Available in two editions, English and French.

Le Chemin de la Maison

January 2024: a new cooperative game by Leo Colovini dedicated to young children is coming from SPACE Cow. Starring a very sweet squirrel, which children will have to guide home before sunset!

Clans and Glory

January 2024: Coming soon from HUCH! & Friends a new game by Bubola and Colovini, set in the Scottish Highlands. In the ancient meeting place, clan leaders will try to assemble the strongest group of followers through clever card reading and skillful planning!

Mysterium im Kloster

January 2024: after the success of the first five boxes, the sixth pocket escape room by Leo Colovini is coming to Moses! The setting is the evocative monastery of Mont-Saint-Michel, where a legendary treasure is said to be hidden…


Play Masterword, the game that tests your logical and creative reasoning skills, developed by studiogiochi!

2022 was the “randolphian” year!
On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth (on May 4, 2022) the gaming world dedicated deserved tributes to him. It was time that even the “gamers” became aware of one of the giants on whose shoulders we all stand.
In this area the chronicle of what happened throughout the course of the year.

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