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    Mind Sports Olympiad 2020

    24 August 2020: a month of online Mind Sports Olympiad. 90 tournaments. Thousands of participants from over the world. And a lot of Italians are getting into it. Come and discover how it is going!

    Premio Archimede 2020 extended

    10 April 2020: considering the coronavirus health emergency, we decided to reopen the terms of the competition. The deadline for REGISTERING and sending us the prototypes is extended to the 31st of October, 2020 and the final ceremony is postponed to a future date in 2021, which is yet to be defined.

    IUSVE Cube Radio interviews Zaccariotto

    18 May 2020: we rest on the tripod! IUSVE Cube Radio interviews our Dario Zaccariotto, who talks about the activity of studiogiochi and the importance of playing, even as adults.

    Creators of worlds

    12 May 2020: we talked with CNR about creativity in music, in games and in science… there are many points in common! Dario De Toffoli and Leo Colovini attended in behalf of studiogiochi.


      Enigmistica24 prosegue a cadenza quindicinale

      24 settembre 2020: da sabato 26 settembre il seguitissimo supplemento del Sole24Ore a cura di studiogiochi avrà cadenza quindicinale. 32 pagine di imperdibili giochi di economia e cultura vi attendono in edicola!

      De Schat van Kadora

      September 2020: De Schat van Kadora by Félix Bernat Julián, published by 999 Games, is coming soon. A card game in which pirates landed on the island of Kadora, after discover a treasure of coloured diamonds, find out that it is under a spell…


      September 2020: Conclave by Félix Bernat Julián is coming soon. Published by Reverse Games, it is a card game in which tthe emissaries of the great lords of the realm try to obtain control of at least one of the magics at the great Conclave of sorcerers.

      100 Reazioni a catena

      23 July 2020: the 100th issue of Reazione a catena is on sale today, and for studiogiochi it is a great source of pride! Since 2015, this publication has come out simultaneously with the TV show of Rai 1: six years of games and fun!


        Published the results of the Mental Calculation online challenge

        Udine, 7 September 2020: the results of the first 30 partecipants of the Italian Mental Calculation Championship 2020 have been published, event that took place online on the 5th of September.

        Mental Calculation Italian Championship 2020 online

        Udine, 5 September 2020: the competition for Mental Calculation Italian Championship 2020, due to force majeure, will be held online, on a dedicated platform.

        4 musketeers at the Mind Sports Olympiad

        16 July 2020: a new online event for the Italian Games Archive! Stories, curiosities and indiscretions about the Mind Sports Olympiad, told by those who lived them: Dario De Toffoli, Daniele Ferri, Riccardo Gueci and Piero “Nabendu” Zama.

        Learning to make decisions

        25 June 2020: third online meeting on mathematics in board games. Dario De Toffoli has addressed the mathematical structures of classic games such as Backgammon and Poker as a paradigm of making decisions in stressful conditions, talking about it with Sara Callegari, Dario Zaccariotto and Andrea de Zandonati.