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San Gimignano


San Gimignano

Players: 2-4

Duration: 50

Age: 8

First edition:


  • Spiel des Jahres 2002 Lista dei consigliati
  • Spiel der Spiele 2002 Miglior gioco con gli amici
  • Premio Archimede 2000 1° Classificato ex-aequo

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The little town of San Gimignano, known as the “Medieval Manhattan” is in the middle of Tuscany. Originally designed as part of the town’s defenses, the towers later became status symbols. Every player is the chief of an aristocratic family. By strategically deploying members of the family, the players seek to gain influence in the various guilds and to construct as many towers as possible. San Gimignano come from Gnomoni, the game that won (ex-aequo with Bisanzio by Alessandro Saragosa) the Archimede 2000 Award. It’s the “heaviest” game in the market, as towers are not made of plastic or wood, but of real Anker Stones.


San Gimignano was published thanks to its attendance to Premio Archimede
List of editions
  • 2002, San Gimignano
    (Tedesco, Inglese) (prima edizione)