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Wizard Würfelspiel


Wizard Würfelspiel

Players: 2-5

Duration: 20 min

Age: 10+

First edition:


This game is the dice version of the famous Wizard, one of the luckiest card games by Amigo.

Everyone who has ever played Wizard knows: Hindsight is 20/20. In a game of Wizard Würfelspiel, the magician’s apprentices try to predict how many dice will come up showing each of the four colors. However, the seer is the only one who can alter the future and steer the favor of the wizards. Courageous estimates will earn you lots of points, but they carry a higher risk, too. At least, if the apprentices’ gut feeling leads them astray, they still have loyal fools on their side.

Wizard Würfelspiel is an unusual roll-and-write game where you have to write down the result before the dice have even been rolled. In addition to the base game, the box contains magic cards, which allow for a more varied experience with trickier rules.

Wizard Wurfelspiel cover

The game

The Wizard set of games by Amigo

Wizard Würfelspiel was published thanks to its attendance to Premio Archimede

List of editions
  • 2019,
    (Tedesco) (first edition)