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Players: 2-4

Duration: 30 min

Age: 10+

First edition:


Once upon a time … there was a king who wanted to organize the most beautiful royal party for his daughter. Thousands of guests from all over the country were invited: peddlers, monks, soldiers and many more flocked to the capital. But since everyone was hoping for last-minute discounts, no one had booked a hotel room in advance. Thus begins the great race to grab the last free rooms! Who will have a place to sleep, who will have to stay outside and who could still walk through the back door with a ruse?

In this fun game for the whole family, each player tries to place their guest cards in the few hotels available to collect points. But beware: each hotel can only accommodate a certain number of guests!
You have to guess how many guests will send opponents in the race for the rooms and what treacherous plans they come up with to get in your way.

The game

OverbooKing was published thanks to its attendance to Premio Archimede

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