Players: 2-4

Duration: 20 min

Age: 8+

First edition:



  • Games Magazine 2011
    Best game for families Nomination

Each piece is formed by three colored hexagons. Placing them on the table, they create many areas in different colors. You make points only if you play the correct scoring cards, that always have to do with the size of the different colored areas: the biggest area of a certain color has to be bigger than the biggest of another color, but the number of given points will correspond to the biggest area of a third color, different from the previous two.
Once all the pieces are placed the game continues in reverse, taking off piece after piece, always trying to follow the indications of one’s scoring cards.
Campos is the published version of Quebec, finalist at the Premio Archimede 2008.


The game


Campos 1.JPG

The game during the Messe Essen 2010

Campos was published thanks to its attendance to Premio Archimede
List of editions
  • 2010, Campos
    (Tedesco, Inglese, Olandese, Francese) (first edition)