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Pietro Vozzolo’s contact with the world of games happened almost by chance. In September 2000 the Corriere Lavoro, an insert of the Corriere della Sera newspaper, publishes an article dedicated to game inventors. It contains advices and comments by important game authors such as Spartaco Albertarelli, Leo Colovini and Alex Randolph. Those words inspire Pietro and turn on his passion for abstract games. He so begins to create games and in 2002 he presents at the Premio Archimede Man-naka, a quite modest boardgame, that doesn’t make it to the finals. He improves his skills and in 2004 at the Premio Archimede, his game F.U.C.H.S. is among the top 40. At the Premio Archimede 2006 Burbaki, Quintino and Tomb Writer (created together with his brother Luigi)  get to the final. At the Premio Archimede 2008 his games get again to the final: Berezina, Delfi and Kebec (which gets the 14th place). Huch & Friends publishes Kebec in 2010 with the name Campos


Premio Archimede 2008.jpg
Al Premio Archimede 2008

GAMES (with studiogiochi)

  • Campos (2010) with
    Pietro Vozzolo,