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Morgan’s Magic Map


Morgan’s Magic Map

Players: 2-4

Duration: 30-40 min

Age: 14+

First edition:



After a life of raids and robberies, the famous pirate Captain Morgan retired from piracy. He created a magic map to remind him where he buried his ill-gotten gains. He tore the map into many pieces to foil those who would try to find his treasures. Unfortunately for the old pirate, he was cursed by a sorceress many years ago. This curse has turned his torn-up map into a guide for others to find his treasures!

You have come into possession of many pieces of Morgan’s map. Every time the fragments are rearranged, they magically point to the right place to dig! But other pirates have found other parts of the magic map as well. You race against your fellow pirates to see who can collect the most valuable treasure before the map fades to dust forever.

The peculiarity of this game lies in having a “magic” map because… it is constantly evolving! Indeed, it has a modular game board with thousands of possible configurations, which will provide a unique experience every time you play!

Some cards

Morgan’s Magic Map was published thanks to its attendance to Premio Archimede

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