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Gian Andrea Cappuzzo

Winner of the 2018 Archimede Prize with the JAP Just Another Pirate Game, published in 2023 by the American Rio Grande Games under the name of Morgan’s Magic Map.

Born in ’76, board game player since he was a child, he remained a child thanks to board games. The passion for game design explodes in him after reading the booklet Consigli pratici per inventori di giochi (Practical advice for game inventors) by Tom Werneck with a preface by Sergio Valzania, received as a certificate of participation in an Archimede Prize. He then participated in two other editions of Archimede, the last one (a decade after the first two) was… fatal!
Deluded that the gaming world needs more games from him, he continues to submit prototypes to his self-censorship and to his friends at the Overlord Club in Padua, where you can find him every Friday evening.

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