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The Dal Negro company, which stands in Treviso, is an important italian playing cards factory. Its products are internationally well know thanks to the high quality materials used for the realizations (international cardboard and PVC).
The presence of a playing cards factory in Treviso goes back to 1756, when the activity just counted 6-7 workers and the production never reached more than 3.000 decks every year.
The Dal Negro family, that presently manages the company, bought the property in 1928, after several passages.
Dal Negro produces today thousands of decks, regional ones as well as international ones; in the 70’s it begun the marketing of games boxes, chess pieces and boards, Backgammon boards, Roulette and so on. Today Dal Negro publishes many new card games such as Sei, Dummy, Corsari and Goal; there have been also some board games (Colors, Sai dov’è?) and Role-playing games productions (Lex Arcana).

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