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Lex Arcana – Germania


Lex Arcana – Germania

Players: 3+

Age: 12+

First edition:



The mistery of the Agri Decumates is the first expansion for the Role Playing Game Lex Arcana, and includes:

  • A report to the Emperor written by Magister Cornelio Frontino about the situation of the German Province and Great Germany, the landscapes beyond the Rhenus; this writing point out the difference aspects of the most dangerous frontier of the Empire: the big number of cities, the wild landscapes, the ancient cults, the recent sighting.
  • A chapter about the magic of Germans, with new and advanced rules concerning new rituals of Divination and the engraving of Power Runes.
  • A long adventure for the Advanced Game set in the Agri Decumantes, a mountainous region dominated by the darkness of the Black Forest. Among bloody battles, sieges and secrets, the Custodes will be involved in events out of their reach, in ancient german myths that come true, in the final battle between the men and the gods.

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List of editions
  • 1993, Germania - I misteri degli Agri Decumantes
    (Italiano) (first edition)