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Lex Arcana – Carthago


Lex Arcana – Carthago

Players: 3+

Age: 12+

First edition:



Carthago – The shadow of the devourer is an expansion for the Role-playing game Lex Arcana and inlcudes:
  • A report to the Emperor written by Magister Ennio Valente and regarding the situation of Carthago and the two provinces of Numidia and Mauretania
  • A detailed description of the earth of the Devourer, starting from the dark shadows of Carthago renaissance, to the forgotten regions of the Atlas
  • A chapter dedicated to the blood’s rituals magic of Carthago
  • A chapter dedicated to new fantastic creatures and to their magical power
  • Many tables helping to use the information, offering good examples for encounters and adventures
  • Two long adventures that will bring Custodes to get inside these landscapes, full with blood from centuries, trying to oppose themselves against the return of the terrible Children Eater Baal-Moloch

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List of editions
  • 1996, Carthago - L'ombra del divoratore
    (Italiano) (first edition)