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Marco Maggi’s and Francesco Nepitello’s creativity gathered together at the end of the 80’s. They started a strong alliance that maked them realize many role-playing games, card games and board games, manage a game store, until living in the same Giudecca island, in Venice.
Their mission as games authors has always been to create games for smart children and a little less smart adults, a goal that has been almost reached with MicroMutants (X-bugs in a former edition), the game of warrior fleas, with which, at the end of the 90’s, they begun to be popular internationally.
They took their first steps as authors thanks to their teacher Alex Randolph and his  disciples Dario De Toffoli and Leo Colovini, and they collaborated in different ways with studiogiochi and with the creation of Lex Arcana, Hektor und Achill and the recent Star Wars: Clone Wars products published by Clementoni.
Together with Roberto Di Meglio, they published for Nexus Editrice their most important games: La Guerra dell’anello in 2004, that sold more than 100.000 copies, Marvel Heroes in 2006 and lately L’Era di Conan.
Far from confusion and traffic (like most of the people from Venice, they don’t even have a driver’s licence), they share their time between their store, in which they sell games, and their office, in which theiy create games, hoping to never have to leave the beautiful city in which they were born…


Archimede 2006.jpg

Francesco Nepitello (on the right) with Marco Maggi during the Premio Archimede 2006

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