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Lex Arcana – Italia


Lex Arcana – Italia

Players: 3+

Age: 12+

First edition:



Lex Arcana Italy is an expansion for the Role Playing Game Lex Arcana and includes:

  • A report to the Emperor written by Gevernor Gaio Lampridio Valentiniano about the situation of Italy, cradle and heart of the Empire
  • A detailed description of this Land, from Alpes down to Sicily, with particular attention to its numerous towns and magical mysteries
  • A chapter dedicated to the powerful Etruscan magic, only seemingly vanished, and to their spells
  • A chapter dedicated to the enchanted animals and formidable creatures that lived in Italy, even really close to the city walls
  • Many tables that can allow you to use in the best way the information included, offering good examples of rumors, meeting and adventurous situations
  • Two long adventures recalling the Custodes to investigate on arcan misteries surroinding Cum æ, the Sybil site, close to the door to Hell; moreover, it is possible to meet a series of terrible chain homicides in the ancient land of Etruria

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List of editions
  • 1997, Italia - Terra di antichi sortilegi
    (Italiano) (first edition)