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Andrea Angiolino was born in Rome in 1966. He is a journalist mostly specialized in games, and started out in 1982 with a column on the monthly paper Pergioco and cooperated after that with many different newspapers.
He wrote several books about games, game-books and books for kids.
He creates promotional and educational games, takes care of brainteasers reviews, realizes summer games supplements for weekly newspapers,  makes exhibitions with ludic themes; he is an author of tv and radio games, besides role-playing and board games. Among his games, the famous Wings of War, realized together with Piergiorgio Paglia for Nexus. For studiogiochi he realized Ulysses, again together with Piergiorgio Paglia.
He also writes tales, mostly with a fantasy setting.
Some of his books and games received prizes, and have been translated in  various languages; Andrea Angiolino himself won some awards.
He has been elected consultant of the Ministry of the Public Education with the title “expert inventor of games“.
In other words he is without any doubt one of the most eclectic persons in the italian world of games.
In order to explain in a funny way his incredible productivity, we always thought that he actually has two twin brothers…



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