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Edition 2000


1° ex aequo Bisanzio by Alessandro Saragosa
1° ex aequo Gnomoni by Duilio Carpitella
3th Place
Arabesque by R. Leocata and G. Evola
4th Place Nella Giungla by Claudio Serravalli
“Sebastiano Izzo”  Chain by Paolo Franzoso
Children Game
Cling Clang by Roberto Fraga (France)
Nomination Dolphinarium by J. Philippe Mars (Francia)
Nomination Ring Master by Giocchino Prestigiacomo
Nomination The Big-One (terremoto) by Daniela e Manuela Cicioni
Pointed up Parapalline dell’Ingegneria del buon sollazzo
Pointed up Sopravvento by Alberto Zaccagni
Pointed up Spin and Trap by Andrea Mainini


The jury is chaired by Alex Randolph and composed by Andrea Angiolino, Giuseppe Baù, Leo Colovini, Dario De Toffoli, Luigi Iorno, Nicolaas Neuwahl, Ennio Peres and Dario Zaccariotto.


Arabesque by Gaetano Evola
Araldica by Maurizio Roccato
Artik by Giovanni Cugini
Attention crocodiles! by Jürgen Elias
Bisanzio by Alessandro Saragosa
Chain by Paolo Franzoso
Cling Clang by Roberto Fraga
Dambo by Gaetano Evola
Dolphinarium by Jean-Philippe Mars
Febbre da cavallo by Francesco Giusti
Fregate by Alessandra Bianchi & Co.
Gnomoni by Duilio Carpitella
Incubi by Igino Pasi
L’alfabeto by Giuliano Simonelli
Nella giungla by Claudio Serravalli
Parapalline by Ingegneria del buon Sollazzo
Pentium by Emanuele Fiorini
Pick ‘n’ Play by Cristina Borsa & Co.
Pronti a strambare by Antonio Lotronto
Ring Master by Gioacchino Prestigiacomo
Round-up by Jürgen Elias
Sopravvento by Alberto Zaccagni
Space chess by Andrea Oliva & Co.
Spin and Trap by Andrea M. Mainini
SPQR by Antonino Calogero
The Big-One (Terremoto) by Daniela and Manuela Cicioni
Tieffe by Furio Ferri
Top Spin by Fabrizio Angeletti
Trophy Cup by Thomas Wewers
Tutto fa audience by Luciano Cuni
Vision by Elvis Panzera
Zirc by Nazareno Signoretto





ARCHIMEDE 2000 is organized by Festival Italiano dei Giochi with the purpose of selecting and rewarding would-be creators of board games. The competition  is open to all exept professional inventors.

The Comunità Montana del Catria e Nerone will donate Lit 1.000.000 to the winner.

In addition to the Archimede Award the jury will bestow a special Sebastiano Izzo citation and numerous other prizes.

The jury is chaired by Alex Randolph and composed by Andrea Angiolino, Giuseppe Baù, Leo Colovini, Dario De Toffoli, Luigi Iorno, Nicolaas Neuwahl, Ennio Peres and Dario Zaccariotto.

To participate please send the prototype(s) not later than 31st of May 2000.  Only unpublished games and games that do not imitate existing games will be accepted.

Rules must be written in Italian or English and must be clear, unequivocal, complete and as short as possible. Games with very long (ex, RpG) or unclear rules will not be considered.
Each prototype must be adequately packaged in a solid box, easy to open and close and suitable for mailing.
Each competitor will receive a report with a dated certificate of participation as well as a Venice Connection game as a present.

The best games (max 30) will be exhibited at the 8th Italian Games Festival that will take place in Cagli (Pesaro-Urbino) 21st to 24th September 2000 where all finalist will be given space to show and play their games with journalists, editors and visitors. Subsequently the games will be exhibited again in October at the  Città del Gioco in Milan.

Reports on the best games will be sent to all Italian game manufacturers.

Mail your game(s) to:
Festival Italiano dei Giochi – PREMIO ARCHIMEDE 2000
c/o studiogiochi – S. Polo 3083 – 30125 VENEZIA

Please enclose a payment of Lit. 100,000 (plus Lit. 70.000 for each additional game).

Games that do not conform to these instructions will not be returned.