Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I register to the competition by a different method than the online entry form?
A: No. The registration form is a required step in the application process.

Q: How many games can I submit as an author?
A: There is no limit to the number of games a single author can submit.

Q: I entered inaccurate information on the registration form. Can I edit it?
A: When you submit the form, you will receive an email with a summary of your responses. You will be able to change the information you entered from that email.

Q: Can I submit a game that has been previously published?
A: No.

Q: Can I submit a game that I have previously self-published?
A: It depends on the distribution the game has had. If it is a minimal print run, the game may be allowed, if it is a larger circulation it may not.

Q: Can I submit an unpublished variant of an already published game?
A: It depends on whether the variant stands on its own or if it is just an expansion. Obviously the more mechanisms taken from the published game, the less original that game will be and the more difficult it will be to reach the finals.

Q: Can I submit a game that I had already submitted to a previous edition of Premio Archimede?
A: Yes. However, we will expect substantial changes and an attempt to fix the problems the game had in its previous iteration.

Q: What documents should I have ready when filling out the form?
A: While filling in, you will be required to upload the rules of the game and the filled in and signed scan of the option agreement. In addition, if you are a SAZ member or have participated to IdeaG Parma, you will also need to upload the corresponding voucher.

Q: I am an SAZ member. Who should I ask for a voucher for the registration?
A: If you are a SAZ member, you should receive the voucher directly from the SAZ or SAZ Italy staff. If you have not received your voucher, please contact us at archimede@studiogiochi.com

Q: I participated in IdeaG Parma as an author, how do I get the voucher?
A: The voucher will be sent to everyone who has paid for a table at IdeaG Parma. If you have not received your voucher, please contact us at archimede@studiogiochi.com

Q: Can I submit more than one game with a single participation fee?
A: No, each participation fee covers a single game.

Q: Do I have to complete the payment while filling out the form?
A: No. However, you will not receive a confirmation of registration until we have ensured that the payment has been made and all attached documents are correct.

Q: If I submit more than one game entry, can I make a single comprehensive payment for all entry fees?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I send the prototype without some components? Can studiogiochi use their own components?
A: No, the games must be fully playable, so all the necessary materials must be present.

Q: Do the rules and length of the game have to comply perfectly with the limits imposed by the notice?
A: The limits imposed by the notice are not rigid. They are guidelines to get a sense of more or less what we expect in terms of game length and complexity of the rules.

Q: Can I enter a prototype that involves the use of intellectual property?
A: Yes. Keep in mind, however, that the use of intellectual property implies complications for any interested publishers: in case of publication, the theme will most likely be completely changed.

Q: Do I need my prototype to be fully illustrated or have professional features?
A: No. The important thing is that the prototype is well playable. Illustrations can be of any quality, as long as they help in understanding and playability.

Q: My prototype has a container that is not a simple cardboard box. Can I still send it in?
A: No. Aside from the increased shipping cost, please do not place the game inside containers that are too heavy (wooden or metal) or oversized.

Q: Can my prototype fit in an envelope or container other than a box? Can I avoid using a box?
A: No, the prototype must be contained entirely in a cardboard box of the specified dimensions.

Q: To which address should I send my prototype?
A: You can ship the game to: Premio Archimede c/o studiogiochi srl, San Polo 3083, 30125, Venice, Italy.

Q: When is the deadline for shipping the games?
A: The deadline for shipping the games (date of shipment will count) is March 31, 2025.

Q: Can I deliver the prototype by hand if I am in or near Venice?
A: Certainly, but it is always best to contact us by phone (0415211029) for an appointment.

Q: Which items must be in the package at the time of shipment?
A: In addition to the prototype, with all its components, the printed rules and, most importantly, the original copy of the option agreement, filled out and signed, must also be present.

Q: I don’t live in Italy and I’m afraid there may be customs fees. How does this work?
A: For obvious reasons, studiogiochi cannot take charge of customs fees. Should there be any, you will be contacted by the staff to refund the charges we have paid in advance. In any case, we recommend that you include very low figures in the value of the package, for example €1.00 or its equivalent in your country’s currency.

Q: What happens when my game is submitted to the option agreement?
A: The option agreement included in the registration for the competition stipulates that studiogiochi will search for a publishing contract and that the royalties accrued from the contract will then be divided between studiogiochi and the author.

Q: I entered a game to the competition, can I still continue to seek a publisher on my own?
A: No, the option agreement you sign during registration states that studiogiochi will be in charge of finding a publisher for your game until the option expires.

Q: When does the option agreement expire?
A: The agreement ends the moment the game is not admitted to the finals of the competition. This can occur immediately after the playtest or even following the editing process, after our communication.

Q: I was admitted to the finals. What happens to the option agreement?
A: By entering the finals, the expiration of the option is automatically extended until 31/12/2028, to give us time to search for a publisher interested in the game.

Q: If I am asked to edit the game, do I have to do it before the deadline of March 31, 2025?
A: No. The editing work on the games can extend well beyond the deadline for the shipment of prototypes. It is clear that the sooner we receive the game, the more time there will be to work on it.

Q: When will I get feedback about my game?
A: You will receive the evaluation form as soon as we are able to test the game. The sooner we get it, the sooner you will get feedback and the better chance there will be to work on it.

Q: If my game is admitted to the finals, will it definitely be published?
A: Although we are committed to having all the games we take to the finals published, being admitted to it does not automatically imply a publication.

Q: If I have further questions, where can I turn to?
A: Email us at archimede@studiogiochi.com

For any other questions, please write to: archimede@studiogiochi.com