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Edition 1996

1996 Marina di Carrara, Libriamo&Giochiamo
Premio Archimede 1996



Winner Krakatoa by Walter Obert
Best family game Netwalker by Fabio Chiarello
Best strategic game
Forma o colore? by Francesco Rotta
Best word game Path by Giulio Leoni
Best solitary game Schizoedro by Duilio Carpitella
Special Prize
Andrew by Andrea Mainini
Special Award of the Public Jump ball by Claubyo Del Pizzo
Archimede Junior (for under age authors) Un parco per amico by the students of the Middle School “Martiri della Resistenza” in Porto Sant’Elpidio (AP)



ARCHIMEDE ’96 is organized by studiogiochi and concerns the invention of board games. Everybody that lives in Italy can participate. It is sponsored by the LAAG (Libera Accademia degli Autori del Gioco).

President of the Jury is Alex Randolph, one of the most important games author. The other members of the jury are Sebastiano Izzo, Nicolaas Neuwahl, Luigi Iorno, Andrea Angiolino, Ennio Peres and Giuseppe Baù  as secretary.

To participate send the prorotype (or a complete description of the game) to the secretary office. Only unpublished games with  complete and easy to understand rules will be accepted. The games shouldn’t be copied from already published games and they should be  presented in a box  with the name of the author on it.

The games must be sent to the secretary  within the 14th of September 1996.

All the games will be shown in a exhibition at the ludotheque of the event Giochiamo & Libriamo that will take place between the 21 and 29 of September 1996 in Marina di Carrara next to the event “Marmo e Macchine”.

The authors will recieve a free pass valid for the entire event and will have the opportunity to present their game to the other participants, to the journalist and to the invited publishers.

The jury will assign many prizes and will proclaim the winner of the competition, who will recieve the LAAG trophy; also the audience will express their preferences.

For each game there is a participation fee of Lit. 50.000 to the secretary:
ARCHIMEDE ’96 – c/o Giuseppe Baù
Dorsoduro 2408/N – 30123 VENEZIA