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Premio Archimede 2002

Winner Magma by Carlo A. Rossi (Carpi – MO)
2nd Old Town by Stephan Riedel (Germania)
3rd Maya by Alessandro e Manuel Saragosa (Arezzo)
Special Prize “Sebastiano Izzo” Kaskad by Valery Fourcade (Francia)
Special Prize “Best game for children” to Cromodrom by Giuseppe Bonfiglio (Cuneo)
Mention to 1-2-3 war by Gaetano Evola e Rosanna Leocata (Pavia)
Mention to L’Azteco by Andrea Carpentieri e Luciano Cuni (Bergamo)
Mention to Genoma guys by Fabio Chiarello (Latina)
Mention to I collezionisti by Roberto Magioncalda (Francia)
Mention to Il principe by Alessandro Saragosa (Arezzo)
Mention to Talata by Angelo Iozzolino (Milano)
Mention to Collection by Luisa and Francesco Cognetti (Pisa)


Alex Randolph (presidente), Giuseppe BaùRaffaele CadamuroLeo ColoviniDario De ToffoliNiek NeuwahlEnnio PeresMassimo TonizzoDario Zaccariotto.


1-2-3 WAR by Gaetano Evola and Rosanna Leocata
BATTLE CASTLE by Gianfranco Martone
BRIGANTI by Eligio Cazzato
BUTTAFUORI by Luca Madini Moretti
CACCIA AL NOME by Claudio Ariaudo
CASANOVA by David Zanotto
COLLECTION by Luisa and Francesco Cognetti
CROMODROM by Giuseppe Bonfiglio
ECONOMY by Bruno Spataro
EUDOSSIA by Duilio Carpitella
GAMELOT by Nazareno Signoretto
GENOMA GUYS by Fabio Chiarello
GIROBELLO by Alessandro Pandolfi
HEXAEDRON by Salvatore and Michael Compostella
I COLLEZIONISTI by Roberto Magioncalda (France)
IL PRINCIPE by Alessandro Saragosa
KASKAD by Valery Fourcade (France)
L’AZTECO by Andrea Carpentieri and Luciano Cuni
LA CONQUISTA DEL POLO SUD by Gaetano Evola and Rosanna Leocata
MAGMA by Carlo A. Rossi
MAJOR TOM by Roland and Tobias Goslar
MAYA by Alessandro and Manuel Saragosa
MOMANCHES by Rubolino – Mitidieri – Sciacqua – Campanelli – Bottiglionr
OGEMO by Andrea Mainini
OLD TOWN by Stephan Riedel (Germany)
PEOPLE by Luca Borsa
QUADRO by Emanuele Fiorini
STOP THE THIEF! by Jean-Philippe Mars and Hendrik van Oordt
TALATA by Angelo Iozzolino
TALENTO by Antonio Scrittore
TRIP by Pediconi – Pansironi – Castro – Aureli – De Blasio
X-CONTACT by Andrea Mainini


ARCHIMEDE 2002 is organized by Festival Italiano dei Giochi with the purpose of selecting and rewarding would-be creators of board games. The competition  is open to all exept professional inventors, without limit of age.

In addition to the Archimede Award the jury will bestow a special Sebastiano Izzo citation and numerous other prizes:awards and various prizes will be offered to all inventors who will receive a nomination.

The jury is chaired by Alex Randolph and composed by Giuseppe Baù, Raffaele Cadamuro, Leo Colovini, Dario De Toffoli, Nicolaas Neuwahl, Ennio Peres and Dario Zaccariotto. Secretary will be Maurizio Agabitini.

To participate please send the prototype(s) not later than June 30, 2002.

For each game accepted for the competition a valutation report and a certificate of participation (which states the presentation of the game in that date) will be released. All inventors accepted will receive the new book of Leo Colovini I giochi nel cassetto –riflessioni di un autore di giochi per chi vuole diventarlo, which will soon be published.

The best games (max 30) will be exhibited in a place still to be decided, with the explication reports by jury. Here the  finalist will be given space to show and play their games with journalists, editors and visitors. In this moment date and place of the exhibition and of the prize-ceremony have not yet been decided; various possibilities are in discussion. All participants will receive the definitive information.

Reports on the best games will be sent to all Italian game manufacturers.

Mail your game(s) to:
Festival Italiano dei Giochi – PREMIO ARCHIMEDE 2002
c/o studiogiochi – S. Polo 3083 – 30125 VENEZIA

Please enclose a payment of EURO 60 (plus EURO 50 for each supplementary game); discount of EURO 10 for each game sent within 11 May 2002 (postal mark) .Games not coming Italy and exceeding the measures of 34x24x4,5 cm, and/or the weight of 2 kgs. must pay an extra fee of EURO 25. Include with the rules of the games a bank cheque to studiogiochi  or send an international postal cheque.


Games not according to the following rules cannot be tested ans will NOT receive the valutation report nor can be amitted to the finals.

The author
• The author must be an amateur (i.e. inventing games must not be his profession, nor can he be already internationally known)

The game
• The game must be inedited, it cannot be an extension or a variation of already existing games.
•    The games will be judged in the first place by the originality of their mechanisms

The rules
• The rules must be written in Italian and/or English and computer-printed.
• The rules must not exceed 25.000 letters included spaces.
• The rules must be clear and complete (containing also the list of  material and the number of players) and the jury must not have problems of interpreting them.

The prototype
• The prototype must be functional, i.e. must permit the jury to play the game without difficulty. For example the pawns must be stable, the measure of the fields on the board must be fitting with the measure of the pawns, cards must not be too thin, colours must be clearly distinguished etc.
• It is not necessary that the prototype will be made as a finished product, normally the graphics are less important as the functionality. This is different when a proposal is based on some outer aspect of the game.
• The prototype must be contained in a box. The box must be well closed, but easy to open.
• The game components must be well made and divided in a way to facilitate the preparations for playing. For example, it is preferable to divide the material in the starting material for each player separately.
• On the box the name of the game and the name and the full address of the inventor must be indicated.
• The organisation is not responsible for losses or damages of the games during the transport.

An advise:
• Before sending it, let your game be played by a test-group, without your interference in any way in explaining the rules and during the game and observe the proceeding of the game! In this way you will have useful indications about how to refine your “creature”.