Players: 3-5

Duration: 8+

Age: 30-40

First edition:



  • Games Magazine 2010

    Gioco per famiglie


  • Kinderspielexperten 2008

    3° Classificato nella Testsaison

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By the end of the 18th century: the first seafarers of Europe land on the Northern Island of New Zealand, start to explore the country and draw maps of it.
Who clears the path quickest through the difficult terrain towards the opposite coast? Who draws the most valuable maps and who uses the opponent´s moves optimally, so that he gets famous as the best cartographer?
The main game mechanism is made by the “movement cards”: there are different kinds of them, sorted by colors, each one with a different power. The stronger are the cards you  play, the less you will be able to pick up new cards.

Gisborne - the game.jpg

List of editions
  • 2008, Gisborne
    (Tedesco) (first edition)