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Il giocatore consapevole


Il giocatore consapevole


pp. 344 With contributions by Riccardo Bersani, Giuseppe Borziello, Cosimo Cardellicchio, Leo Colovini, Piergiorgio D'Ancona, Renato De Rosa, Ennio Peres, Dario Zaccariotto

On one side books, papers, shows that promise incredible winnings; on the other side the usual self-righteous people that consider games, and especially gambling games as a vice, a social degeneration. And in the middle of this a gambling-house keeper state that regulates games with illiberal laws that have a slightly medieval taste, managing the most unconvinient games for the users.
What an effort for a careful and conscious gambler that decides  wittingly to amuse himself by gambling a little bit and willing to pay who organizes his amusement!
This book is dedicated to this kind of gambler: somebody that is careful and conscious or wants to become like this.
The book contains the description of every game that involves money: the history, the rules, the procedures, the mathematics behind it: basically everything you need to have fun and to take advantage of every chance of victory.

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