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Giocare a Backgammon


Giocare a Backgammon


pp. 220 Preface by Alberto da Pra.


Backgammon is one of the oldest games ever and at the same time, one of the most topical ones. Through its 5000 years of evolution it has become the game with the best balance between luck and ability. This is certainly one of the reasons for its success.
This book, a result of patience and years of long work, is the first book about Backgammon written by an italian author and the first book in the world to analize in such a detailed way the fascinating and thousand of years old history of this gamee. The technical part, that contains more than 200 schemes of the game, is more didactic than theorietical, more popular than speculative. The text is thought for somebody that doesn’t have any idea about what Backgammon is. Therefore, after reading the first two chapters with care, even a beginner will be able to play his first games.
The book doesn’t forget the players with some experience though; the goal is to try to attend the players step by step with tactical and strategic indications, in order to be able to play well and make a good impression even on an international contest.

List of editions
  • 1991, Giocare a backgammon
    (Italiano) (first edition)