Players: 3-4

First edition:


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Four tribes are struggling to survive and thrive in a mythical land under the watchful eyes of their gods, in this European-style game created by Leo Colovini.
Aztlán is a strategy game of bluff and challenges for 3 to 4 players, set in the legendary Aztlán, the ancestral land of the people of Nahuatl (Aztec).

The game takes place in five different eras, each divided into four phases. Players try to conquer the larger kingdom, using a intriguing and very interactive mechanics. In each era, the tribes have different strengths and secrets, and so the strategy of the players must be based on intuition and on bluff. Winning a conflict, one must face the difficult choice between destroying enemies or decide to co-exist with them. Peaceful coexistence is an opportunity to develop their culture and gain advantages in the future, but can one trust his opponents?


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