MSO 2019

The XXIII edition of the Mind Sports Olympiad takes place from the 18th to the 26th of August 2019 at JW3 of Finchley Road, London.


Here is the schedule of the Mind Sports Olympiad 2019.
There are games for everyone, more every years!

I hope it will be the time for more fierce italian gamers to come, because tournaments of the so called “European Games” is bigger every years.
By now, the “oldies” have confirmed (me, Piero Nabendu Zama, Riccardo Gueci and Daniele Ferri).

Notice that competitions highlighted in grey give a bonus score of 8% for the Pentamind ranking.
As for myself, choice will be hard and painful: for example playing Acquire would mean to give up Mensa Connection (Geniale) and Rummikub, that in the past give me many satisfactions; not to mention that playing Backgammon would mean not participate in Mastermind. We will see.



Here the current composition of the fierce Italian team, and its indicative programme.

Dario (on the right) and Piero (on the left) in 1984, always ready, since then! Can you guess who the others are?


LONDON – 18th-26th August 2019
Mind Sports Olympiad XXIII

Cronichles from the boards 1 (Dario De Toffoli) - 13th August

Here we go again, like every year I’m about to dive into the Mind Sports Olympiad (
It’s an irresistible enticement, I couldn’t possibly miss it. Leaving its shortcomings aside, de facto MSO is the worldwide best chance to play competitively (but in a friendly environment) myriad games in some sort of a ludic-competitive orgy.
And I also get to meet all my old opponents again, those through the years have become good friends, starting from the legendary Demis Hassabis.
No, I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

The “oldies” from Italy are all still playing: ever since the Senior Pentamind has been established, the podium has been ours, including last year when Piero Nabendu Zama, Riccardo Gueci and I have monopolized it.
We will be there this year too… but we will have to face an incredibly thorny opponent, tough Paco de la Banda, back to the competitions fiercer than ever, and set on getting the top of the podium.
But we will do our best to keep it to ourselves!

Leaving the Seniors aside, Rummikub’s Super-Champion Daniele Ferri will be there too, obviously with his beloved VegeTable; this time he will play for the whole duration of the event and who knows, maybe he will also rise at Pentamind.
Cosimo Cardellicchio will also be in the game and will compete at the Twix tournament, challenging the French Florian Jamain for the gold; he will need to give up on the Oware tournament though, since it will play simultaneously.

Also, great news for this year: new blood incoming! Umberto Rosin, great expert in the so-called “Eurogames”, and fierce Piero Modolo, who has no intention at all to come back empty-handed.
We’ll see, we’ll see… Let’s hope to crash the metal detector on our way back with all the ironware in our suitcases! We got to train, too, this time around, at least a little bit!

And what about my Pentamind target?
Last year, with my 457 points, I ranked 9th in the general standings (1st of the Seniors), so this year’s goal is to better that rank: any score higher than 457 will be well received… and let’s see what the others will tally.