MSO 2000

The 4th Edition of the Mind Sports Olympiad took place in London: an event with more than 100 different Tournaments, 60 different games, from the most classic to the newest. About 3000 “Mindathlets” took part in it, coming from 60 different countries. This is a young event, with plenty of space for improvement, but with already a great image of itself as world reference.
Also a group of Italian players took part in it (Rossi, Colangiuolo, De Toffoli, Cottogni, Colovini, Niccoli, Baggio and the group of the International Draughts players), that made all together a great job winning 14 medals, 5 of them gold. Great success for the Italians especially at Rummikub, with the 2 Italian players that participated resulting as first and second place of the Tournament. International Draught is another story: the world Team Championship took place and the players Raoul Bubbi, Loris Milanese and Walter Raimondi won the 5th place behind the professionists from Russia, Holland, Bielorussia and Ucraina and before Estonia, Lituania, Mongolia and France (the homecountry of International Draughts!). Bravo! Very good! Unfortunately just ninth the junior team.


1 Tony Niccoli
2 Michael Haytack
3 David Pearce

1 David Glaude
2 Peter Hecht Johansen
3 Dario De Toffoli

1 George Hassabis
2 Tony Niccoli
3 Demis Hassabis

1 Dave Horton
2 Tony Niccoli
3 Demis Hassabis

Draughts – Beginners Tournament
1 Walter Celani
2 Tony Niccoli
3 Giancarlo Niccoli

1 Bob Coull
2 Stephen Gardner
3 Pietro Rossi

Minybridge (Venerdì)
1 Pietro Rossi
2 Alan Farrell
3 Desmond Tan

Othello – Beginners Tournament 2
1 Enrico Colangiuolo
2 Mathias Kegelmann
3 Chee Wei Chan

1 Demis Hassabis (465/500)
2 Gert Schnider (450)
3 Dario De Toffoli (409)

Poker – Texas Hold’em
1 Richard Gryko
2 Harold Lee
3 Tony Niccoli

Rummikub – Beginners Tournament
1 Dario De Toffoli
2 Enrico Colangiuolo
3 James Heppell

Rummikub – Olympiad Championship
1 Dario De Toffoli
2 Enrico Colangiuolo
3 Roel Van Den Goot