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Initiatives dedicated to Alex Randolph

Events, initiatives, publications, hot news relating to Alex Randolph, in the year in which the centenary of his birth is celebrated.

Ares Games and Alex Randolph

9 November 2022: Ares Games paid homage to the master this year with the release of the new edition of Inkognito in three languages (English, Italian with Oliphante and Korean with UBO/HeidelBÄR Games), and joins the chorus of celebrations for Alex100 with a web page dedicated to him.

ioGioco speciale Lucca 22

8 November 2022: in the special issue of ioGioco dedicated to Lucca 22, Alex Randolph is celebrated, with an illustration of Inkognito on the cover, with an article on the master and on the exhibition set up at Palazzo Ducale. At the ioGioco stand, even an Inkognito match with live commentary by Leo Colovini!

Oliphante and Alex Randolph

8 November 2022: in this year’s Oliphante catalog, special attention is paid to the centenary of Alex Randolph, with a new edition of Inkognito which joins the list of games by the great author published by the Milanese publisher.

Alex Randolph and Inkognito on Meeple Monthly

November 2022: Meeple Monthly, the US magazine for gaming experts, published in the September issue an article by Dario De Toffoli on Alex Randolph and the new edition of Inkognito, to celebrate the centenary of the great author’s birth.

Lucca Comics & Games

15 October-1 November 2022: Lucca Comics & Games joins the chorus of celebrations inaugurated by the “Committee ALEX100” for the first centenary of the birth of one of the greatest creatives of the twentieth century, the “Director of Games” Alex Randolph. Many initiatives, including a large exhibition in the prestigious Palazzo Ducale.

Alex100 in FirenzeGioca

24-25 September 2022: even FirenzeGioca, the Florentine game festival for all, now in its 21st edition, joins Alex100 to celebrate the maestro. Many initiatives have been organized, including Randolphian games to try also in giant format and a simultaneous Twixt… more info on the FirenzeGioca website.

Jugamos Tod@s pays homage to Alex Randolph

September 2022: the cultural association Jugamos Tod@s, organizer in Cordoba of the Festival Internacional de Juegos, the most important Spanish recreational event since 2006, this year dedicates an exhibition and other activities to Alex Randolph.

Alex Randolph area in Ludica

4 September 2022: on the occasion of its 5th edition, Ludica – Festival of boardgames dedicates an area to Alex Randolph to celebrate the centenary of the master. In addition, one of the two tournaments of the day will involve one of his games. See you all in Cappella Maggiore (TV) from 10 to 19.

Special Alex Randolph on ioGioco

July 2022: on issue 26 of ioGioco magazine, a long article on Alex Randolph written by Andrea Angiolino, with contributions by Dario De Toffoli, Leo Colovini and several other friends.

Play 2022: ioGioco interview corner remembers Alex Randolph

29 June 2022: as part of Play 2022, Riccardo Vadalà for ioGioco celebrated Alex Randolph with an interview with Andy and Shelly of Fustella Rotante and Giuseppe Baggio. A chat about the life, characteristics and works of the great author.

Giochi sul nostro tavolo interviews Dario De Toffoli

19 June 2022: Dario De Toffoli was a guest of the Giochi sul nostro podcast. An opportunity to talk about Alex Randolph and the differences between the world of games of the 80s and that of today.

Maremma Game Week

31 May 2022: BANDUS! Tana dei Goblin Grosseto organizes, as part of the World Game Day for Tuesday 31 May and Friday 3 June, the Maremma Game Week, where a selection of the best games by Alex Randolph will also be available, to celebrate the centenary of his birth.

Sottosopra on Enigmistica24

6 May 2022: Enigmistica24, the insert that studiogiochi curates for Il Sole 24 Ore, comes out on newsstands, with a page dedicated to Alex Randolph. In particular we are talking about Sottosopra, the puzzle game that was attached to the Unicopli 1998/99 catalog.

Happy birthday Alex!

4 May 2022: today it is exactly 100 years since the birth of Master Alex Randolph! We will celebrate together the birthday of the first Game Author, discovering the adventurous life of this pillar of the board game world, in live broadcast tonight at 9:30 pm, with Dario De Toffoli, Andrea Angiolino and the friends of Fustella Rotante, who actively collaborate to the Alex100 initiative. On the shoulders of giants!

Jogos do Mundo‘s tribute to Alex Randolph

3 May 2022: To commemorate the centenary of Alex Randolph’s birth, Portuguese channel Jogos do Mundo launched Game Masters, a series of episodes about the life and work of the greatest game designers of all time. The first episodes are dedicated to the great Maestro. The second episode, online on Tuesday 3 May, is a conversation with Dario De Toffoli.

Alex and Shogi

2 May 2022: Alex Randolph was a huge fan of this traditional and exotic game. Giuseppe Baggio shared many afternoons playing with him at his home, and in this article, written for the Italian Shogi Association, he gives us a good memory of what Alex told him about their matches.

The man behind every box at PLAY

2 May 2022: the next edition of PLAY – Festival del Gioco, to be held at ModenaFiere from 20 to 22 May, will host a space dedicated to Alex Randolph, set up by Fustella Rotante, where some of the Maestro’s games will be exhibited in the central corridor of the exhibition center.

Coccinelle Rosa joins Alex100

30 April 2022: Coccinelle Rosa, the Udine association that organizes and participates in numerous events aimed at promoting knowledge and dissemination of the board game, has joined the Alex100 initiative promoted by studiogiochi. The association will accompany those present at the 25th edition of NaonisCon – Pordenone Games&Comics on a small journey to discover some of the master’s games.

Imagining Sagaland: Alex Randolph and the aesthetics of games

26 April 2022: Dario De Toffoli participated in a round table entitled “Imagining Sagaland: Alex Randolph and the aesthetics of games”, organized by the GAME Science Research Center. With him Andrea Angiolino, Cosimo Cardellicchio and Gigi Pescolderung will remember the “Maestro” together.
The meeting is part of the conference “The role of images in games: from aesthetics to function”, organized by the Game Science Research Center in collaboration with Game In Lab and sponsored by Lucca Comics & Games and Play – Festival del Gioco. Two days of round tables and interventions to talk about what happens to our perception of images, places and tactile sensations when we play.
Go to the round table video >

Etna Comics joins Alex100

23 April 2022: Etna Comics, the international festival of comics, games and pop culture, now in its tenth edition this year, has joined the Alex100 initiative promoted by studiogiochi. The festival will pay homage to Alex Randolph with an exhibition dedicated to him, curated by R. Battiato and M. Borzì, entitled “Alex 100, the master of game authors and his legacy”, in which starting from the figure of this great prolific and innovative author, they will explore the various aspects of his legacy and how he has permeated the modern game. The appointment is in Catania from 1 to 5 June 2022.

Updated Ludography

4 April 2022: still missing, the highly anticipated Alex Randolph – Artist and game author will be available soon by Cosimo Cardellicchio, published by Unicopli in the InGioco series, we can’t wait to read it! But in the meantime we have a succulent preview, the updating of the ludography, edited by Giuseppe Baggio. Not a small thing, I would venture to say that Cardellicchio and Baggio, with their research on the life and works of Alex Randolph, have become the world’s leading experts.

The Goblin Show – Special Alex Randolph

31 March 2022: The Goblin Show, the online broadcast of the Tana dei Goblin, invited Leo Colovini and Dario De Toffoli to talk about Alex Randolph in an episode entirely dedicated to the great Master.