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Lucca Games & Alex Randolph

Lucca Comics & Games joins the chorus of celebrations inaugurated by the “ALEX100 Committee” for the first centenary of the birth of one of the greatest creatives of the twentieth century, the “Director of the Games” Alex Randolph. The career, the games and the message of the first recognized “game author” in history are celebrated through a full program of initiatives, in which numerous Masters of the Italian game scene are involved. Highlight of the celebrations, a large exhibition set up in the rooms of Palazzo Ducale in Lucca.
It is the first time in the history of Lucca Comics & Games that an exhibition dedicated to a game designer has been set up in the halls of the prestigious building.

Exhibition “Alex Randolph, Director of Games”

Through a collaboration with the Deutsches Spielearchiv / Museen der Stadt of Nuremberg, Studiogiochi and Studio Tapiro, from 15th October to 1st November, the halls of the Palazzo Ducale this year host a vast retrospective on Randolph’s production, life and playful thinking. Through lucky finds of artistic materials used in the production of his games, the path allow you to explore from the inside the creative process of one of the most brilliant and influential game designers through a series of objects and works for the first time exhibited in Italy, some never published.
In fact, 30 of the famous prototypes that Randolph had made under scrupulous supervision are exhibited, small gems of artisan love that combine the function of making them an interactive experience. Alongside these, the original illustrations of the games, and finally the work published on an industrial basis.

Decoding the Master: Alex Randolph’s Game Design Secrets

10/28/2022 3.30 pm – SI3 Sala Ingellis

Three famous authors who owe a lot to Alex Randolph illustrate the creative processes of his work, explaining how the Maestro proceeded to create his games, the result not only of a wide and eclectic play culture but also of a vision of the game as a philosophy of life.

Meeting with Walter Obert, Dario De Toffoli, Francesco Nepitello. Moderated by Andrea Angiolino.

The Game Director: Playful Aesthetics in Alex Randolph’s Games

29/10/2022 3.30 pm – SI3 Sala Ingellis

Among the many appreciated aspects of Alex Randolph’s intellectual personality in this year of celebrations and rediscovery for the hundredth anniversary of his birth, the great importance that “the author of the authors” recognized to the aesthetic dimension of the artefact and of the playful experience. As suggested in the Palazzo Ducale exhibition, this sensitivity permeated all aspects of his vision, which Randolph was then able to convey to all the collaborators involved in the process and finally in the final product, almost as if he were its “director”.

Meeting with an exceptional group of characters, who shared numerous paths with Randolph: Leo Colovini, Gianluigi Pescolderung, Fabio Visintin. Moderated by Tiziano Antognozzi.

Randolph’s Playroom

During Lucca Comics & Games, inside the Carducci pavilion (stand CAR295), there is a special playroom entirely dedicated to the first game designer, created in collaboration with Fustella Rotante and Coccinelle Rosa. In the space dedicated to Randolph you can try a selection of his games, including some very rare editions, including all the games on display at the Palazzo Ducale.

AR100 limited edition celebratory box

Lucca Comics & Games, in collaboration with studiogiochi, Oliphante and Ludendo Docere, presents AR100, the exclusive limited edition celebratory box that contains four great Alex Randolph classics: Good & Bad Ghosts, Big Shot, Venice Connection and What the Heck?.
On sale at the Palazzo Ducale’s Bookshop at the price of 100 €. During the festival, copies are also available for purchase at the “Lucca C&G Official Merchandising” Shop inside the Carducci Pavilion (stand CAR533).

Rai TV documentary

Finally, the celebrations dedicated to the Maestro has been enhanced by a documentary conducted by Andrea Angiolino, directed by Luca Bitonte, which is available on the  RaiPlay television catalog starting from 28th October 2022. Watch the documentary

Rai documentary trailer

Article from Gattaiola.it

An interesting article by Anna ‘Cenere’ Benedetto on Gattaiola.it, accompanied by many beautiful photos, with which he presents the Lucca C&G exhibition dedicated to the Maestro and presents with the Rai documentary edited by Andrea Angiolino.

The famous coaster signed by 13 authors exhibited at the Lucca exhibition