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Collection of interviews about Alex Randolph
For the 90th anniversary of his birth, the city of Nuremberg organized a special event in his honor. The Civic Museums of Nuremberg, which also includes the Spielzeugmuseum (Toy Museum), had recently acquired the Deutsches Spiele-Archiv which was based in Marburg/Lahn and which among its items had received games, prototypes and preserved papers as a donation from Alex’s Venetian studio. Among the various interventions we must remember the long video based on various interviews (including that of our DDT) of friends and colleagues who remembered Alex and his importance for the world of games. Probably the highlight was the presentation of the book “Die Sonnenseite” by Philippe Evrard and Johann Rüttingher, a work that finally came to light after a long gestation even though the final intervention by Herbert Feuerstein, longtime friend of Alex, attracted the attention of those present both for the verve of the character (in Germany he is a well-known television personality) and for the amount of anecdotes and stories he told. Feuerstein was president of the Halvah foundation, created with Alex with the aim of helping amateur authors and was among the supporters of Premio Archimedes.

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