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Play ’16 – Casa Europa



Here below, Umberto Rosin, president of the Tana dei Goblin of Venice, writes his thoughts about the Casa Europa experience. Most of all, among the people that organized this event, the group of the Tana dei Goblin did a great job. We congratulate ourselves with them!

“Let me take this opportunity on this Friday afternoon to (rest and) add the point of view of the Venetian goblins that presented the Casa Europa games. It has been a great opportunity! The area was crowded 95% of the time, hundreds of visitors were playing and many people were happy to try new games they never heard about or old games they never got the chance to try, like Wikinger and others. I have seen many people crazy about Stone Age Junior.
It has been wonderful to see publishers, authors and vikings (Moritz Bruhnhofer, Dieter Strehler, Timo Multamaki, Gabriele Bubola, etc.) spend time with us and chat with people. The international feeling of the event was very strong and for the future it should become even more attractive for publishers. From the Casa Germania, Casa Europa and the meetings held in Essen, I got a general idea. I would like to congratulate with everybody because thanks to your support you help the world of games become more and more international, with a higher variety and quality of the products. Have a good game!”

Umberto “1bez” La Tana dei Goblin Venezia


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