GioNa Nov. ’14


In occasion of the Event Omaggio a Mario Lodi – L’importanza del giocare, the National Association GioNa members met on November 29 in Cremona at the city Library.


9.45  Welcome by Stefano Campagnolo, Director of the Library
Speech by Gianluca Galimberti, Mayor of the City of Cremona
10.00 The book “Come giocavo” by Mario Lodi – Luciana Bertinato
10.45 “Why and how a city should guarantee the right of playing”, Furio Honsell, Mayor of Udine and GioNa President
11.15 The commitment of Cremona, Piergiorgio Poli, Serena Mainetti and others
12.00 “Games of many years ago” by Agostino Melega
12.10 Giampaolo Dossena, a great game expert, remembered by Dario De Toffoli
12.20 Conclusions by Maura Ruggeri and Amilcare Acerbi

Small break, transfer to Monticelli d’Ongina, Piacenza – (by the City Swimming Pool for Lunch) and second part at 2:00 p.m. with the GioNa assembly.

Press release (in Italian)