Stazioni in gioco



The Tocatì Festival arrives at the train stations: Roma Tiburtina, Venezia S. Lucia and Verona Porta Nuova!

Having reached its 12th Edition, Tocatì, the International Festival for Street Games, takes place in the main train stations of Rome, Venice and Verona, thanks to the collaboration with the Italian Trains Company “Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane”.
Three meetings: September 14th in Roma Tiburtina (3.00-7:00 p.m.) and Venezia Santa Lucia (11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.) and September 18th in Verona Porta Nuova (3:30-7:00 p.m.) to play chess, carrom, draughts, parkour and try other boardgames. Fun and ludic culture will be at the travelers and tourists disposal, who will experience the train stations as playing areas.
The playful energy of the Tocatì Festival will surround the train station areas, anticipating the Event that arrives in Verona since 12 years, thanks to the work of the Association “Giochi Antichi” who was born to defend traditional games. Each year sees at least 300.000 visitors. People enjoy the world of games of a special country for several days.
This year the selected country is  Mexico: games, rituals, music and dances dedicated to this beautiful country. For an entire weekend the streets and main squares of Verona are invaded by music, songs, dances and games. The mexican games are presented by FMJDAT (Mexican Federation of local and traditional games), with the support of CONADE (National Commission of Sports for Mexico), and the Embassy of Mexico in Italy.  In Rome there will be chess playing with the “Federazione Scacchistica Italiana”, carrom with the “Federazione Italiana Carrom”, parkour with the Association ADD Parkour of Rome. The games Meandro and Trucco will be available. In Venice there will be the game Quarto! in a huge version, the Nala game, chess and other games with studiogiochi. In Verona there will be chess with the “Circolo dlf”, draughts with the Unicredit Draughts Club, and some educational games will be presented by the Archeonaute Association with the African Museum of Verona.

The newspaper article of Il Gazzettino on September 15 2014