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Modena ’10 – Play


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Studiogiochi participated to the event PLAY (Modena, March 13-14 2010), organizing the 3rd Live Focus Bain Trainer Championship and with a conference by Dario De Toffoli about the role of games in culture.


The relationship between games and culture has always been the center of many debates about the meaning of ludic activity. How does a game influence culture and how does it get influenced from it? Can one say that there are good and bad games? What are the features of modern games?

Presented by
Ivan Mosca, in collaboration with Labont, games ontology.
Minister of Education of the University of the Municipality of Modena, Adriana Querzè.
Luca GIULIANO “Identities invented for fun and new narrative paradigms”
Roberto FARNÉ “The game: indicator for life quality and education”
Matteo BITTANTI “A videogame to save the world”
Andrea ANGIOLINO “What does a game say?”
Beniamino SIDOTI “Oral culture or material culture?”
Dario DE TOFFOLI “I knew it was just a match”
Spartaco ALBERTARELLI “The role of culture in games”
Stefano DE SIENA “The cultural role of ancient games”

“I knew it was just a match. From Homo Ludens  to real games, going through Homo Ordinator
Starting from Huizinga’s and most of all Caillois’ analysis, an exploration of what is a game in general, distinguishing ludic activities from real games,  the ones we really play. The  considerations and the enchanted vision of Alex Randolph, the “Maester” of all game authors, will be a very important part of the issue.
(download of the speech at the left of the page)

The video shown during the speech of Dario De Toffoli:
Alex Randolph: summary of his intervention at SIGIS – Seminario Internazionale Giochi e Simulazione – 1985 – Venice