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The 2nd Focus Brain Trainer (the magazine that presents since more than four years very innovating and original brainteasers) Live Championship took place in Modena during the Event Play 2010, between the days 13-14 March 2010. More than 100 players coming from the hole country took part in it.

The challanges (all on paper!) were to be solved in a limited given time; there were some of the favourite games of the magazine and also some new puzzles such as the Nordoku.
The Focus Brain Trainer Live Championship 2010 winner was the young Emanuela Tocchetto; second place Moreno Massantini (third place in 2009) and third place Giovanni Ristori.

In Modena the participants could meet members of the staff working for tha Focus Brain Trainer magazine, some authors of their favourite puzzles (among them Lucio Bigi – that also held the conference RaGiocare con l’enigmistica – Francesco Berardi, Adolfo Zanellati, Andrea Angiolino and Francesco Di Matteo) challenge other readers and prove their skills in logic and maths. Everybody recieved a participation certificate. The best players recieved also a trophy.

Challenge director: Dario Zaccariotto.
Commitee: Mauro Gaffo, Dario De Toffoli, Giulia Franceschini.

At the top left of the page you may download all the results of the qualifications and the final challanges.

You can also find online a selection of the most important pictures; many thanks to Mauro Terzi, the photographer.

In number 36 of Focus Brain Trainer (May) you’ll fuind all the challanges of the final.

Other members of the staff that helped out in checking the papers: Giovanni Rossi, Gabriele Simionato, Minigame, Albi, Bepi, Ita.


After the great success of the first two editions, finally the

that will take place in the city of Modena during the event Play 2010 (March 13-14, 2010).

You may register to one of the qualifications filling in the form from our website (click the botton below), or directly at the fair of Modena, at the office of the Championship, starting from 9.00 a.m. on saturday the 13th of March. The number of registrations is limited.

The qualifications will be individual tests to be solved in 40 minutes; among the puzzels you will find some of the favourite games of the review Focus Brain Trainer and the final qualification will also contain completly new and original brainteasers! The forms of the qualification will be available starting from the 1st of February on this page (see downloads at the top of the page).

Starting from the 1st of March you will find examples of some of the puzzles that will be in the final on these same webpages.

The best players of each qualification will be able to take part to the final and its winner will be the:

Champion of the Brain of Focus Brain Trainer 2010

Indicative program

Saturday 13
9.00 office: registrations and warm ups
10.00 first qualification
12.00 second qualification
15.00 third qualification
17.00 fourth qualification
19.00 fifth qualification
Sunday 14
10.30 final
14.00 prize giving

The entrance to the fair costs 10 Euros (only 7 for the readers of the review that show the coupon printed on Focus Brain Trainer); the participation to the championship is free. All the finalists will get a free entrance for the second day (14 of March).

In the city of Modena you will be abe to meet the editorial office of Focus Brain Trainer and some of the authors of your favourite puzzles, challenge other readers and show your logic and math skills. Evrybody will recieve a certificate of participation, and the best players also a cup.

Referee: Dario Zaccariotto.
Committee: Mauro Gaffo and Dario De Toffoli.
Giulia Franceschini, italian sudoku champion in 2006, will also be part of the staff.

The championship is organized by:





The 2nd Focus Brain Trainer Live Championship took place in Rome during the Mathematics Festival (Auditorium Parco della Musica – Viale de Coubertin, 10) in the days 21-22 March 2009. More than 140 players coming from the hole country took part in it.

The challanges (all of them on paper) were all to be solved in a limited given time; there were some of the Focus Brain Trainer magazine’s favourites games and also some completely new ones.

And the winner of the Focus Brain Trainer Live Championship 2009 was Vincenzo Bifone, with a final challenge that he solved almost perfectly!

In Rome all the participants had the chance to meet the staff that works for the magazine Focus Brain Trainer and some of the authors of their favourite games, they could challenge other readers and show their logic and maths skills. Everybody recieved a participation certificate. The best players recieved also a trophy.
The people that took part to the event had also the chance to meet some of the most important people of the world of mathematics, such as John Nash (the movie A Beautiful Mind is inspired from his life). The opening speech of Paolo Giordano (author of The solitude of Prime numbers), the lesson by the Nobel Prize Robert Mundell, the lesson by the greatest living mathematician Edward Witten, the conversation between the Physics Nobel Prize Arno Penzias and Nicola Cabibbo, the two lessons  by the Chemistry Nobel Prizes Roald Hoffmann and Richard Ernst.

Challenge director: Dario Zaccariotto.
Commitee: Mauro Gaffo, Dario De Toffoli, Ennio Peres.
Staff: Giulia Franceschini, italian sudoku Champion 2006 and Alberta Sestito, in charge of the Mensa Italia games.





The 1st Focus Brain Trainer Live Championship took place between the 18 and the 20th of April 2008. Marco Montebelli won the first edition of this event that has been organized by studiogiochi (Venice) together with the magazine Focus. The challenges have been conducted by Dario Zaccariotto.

The challenge lasted more than 6 hours and was divided in four different parts: Sudoku & Friends (14 “grid” games, from the well known Sudoku and Kakuro to the very new Sommario), Words & Crosses, Numbers & Logic, Memory and Observation. The ending of the competition was predictable: Marco Montebelli didn’t even have to wait for the last challenge, since he did so well in the first three. The recent Italian Sudoku Champion Gabriele Simionato did also very well, finishing in just 90 minutes the Sudoku & Friends challenge without any mistakes: Montebelli was able to finish it using all of the given time, in two and a half hours! The Sudoku & Friends challenge saw also a very good fourth place: the young Tiziano Berlanda from Cavalese.

Besides the championship of Cavalese, there has been also the first open “Trova le mine” (Minesweeper) Championship, the game published by Clementoni in which two players try to find the explosives in the opponents’ field: Gabriele Simionato won against Daniele Ferri, who represented Italy in the last Rummikub World Championship.

It has been a pleasant weekend, an occasion to meet other people passionate about brainteasers and puzzles, people working for the magazine Focus and its wonderful president Mauro Gaffo.

Thank you to everybody that took part in the realization of this event.

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