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Monopoli 1986


Monopoly is the most famous game in the world.
It arrived in Italy in 1936, through Emilio Ceretti, who left for the occasion the publishing house Mondadori and founded Editrice Giochi.
Fifty years later Monopoly is still the best seller of Editrice Giochi and celebrates its Anniversary with a great Championship at the Grand Hotel Des Bains of the Lido di Venezia (the same hotel of Death in Venice), organized and directed by Dario De Toffoli with his newborn studiogiochi.
But this is not only an oaccasion to play: an important panel discussion is organized at the IUAV Architecture University of Venice, during “SIGIS 86” [International Seminary for Games and Simulation], with the presence of the founder Emilio Ceretti. For now, we could not find the texts of the interventions.

Introduction: Arnaldo Cecchini and Dario De Toffoli
Pino Bendandi – The Championship of the Fiftieth Anniversary
Emilio Ceretti – The introduction of Monopoly in Italy
Giampaolo Dossena – Monopoly History
Francesco Indovina – Monopoly and income
Sebastiano Izzo – Monopoly and its ancestors
Sergio Valzania – Attack and defense of Monopoly

The winner Giuseppe Rumiz at the center with his properties. Standing at the right a young Dario Zaccariotto
Giulio Ceretti, son of Emilio, premia i vincitori

Here below the translation of the original text of the press release published right after the tournament.

The Great Monopoly Championship is over.
The finals took place in Venice, at the Hotel Des Bains. In a suggestive atmosphere, the lagoon city hosted the twenty finalists coming from the different italian regions.
Saturday, October 4th the semifinals: 4 tables with 5 players each.
The average age is 25/30 anni, young professionists, doctors, engineers, even some students.
The youngest, 13 years old, was accompanied by a caring father with a mustache.
Finally, Sunday morning, in a sunny Venice, the last five players played the decisive game. The players were:
Ervino Cus – age 25, region Veneto
Bruno Cova – age 26, region Lombardia
Giuseppe Rumiz – age 34, region Toscana
Daniele Talanti – age 30, region Toscana
Alessandro Carletti – age 31, region Marche
After about half an hour playing, the remaining players were Giuseppe Rumiz and Alessandro Carletti, alternating their position. And then, when the end of the game was announced, after counting and comparing all the properties of the players, GIUSEPPE RUMIZ results winner with L. 500.000 more than his opponent.
The champion of this year is 34 years old, works for an insurance company and plays Monopoly since he is 10; he remembers when for his “first Communion” he recieved his first Monopoly, he still has that heirloom; it is not his first Monopoli Championship, he participated also to the previous one getting a good placement.
He tried again and this time with more success.
As a first prize he won a trip to the USA; once asked about when he would go to the States he answered “very soon, since this occasion will make me visit a country that I never visited yet”.

The final table, directed by Dario De Toffoli
Dossena, together with the journalists