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Parole24 is online!



Parole24 is the new game that Il Sole 24 Ore offers its readers to test their creativity, developed by studiogiochi.

To play it, just enter the site and you can immediately play online, at this link:


Parole24 is a brilliant way to learn while having fun! It allows you to develop, train and improve your logical reasoning, problem solving and creative thinking skills, in a simple, rapid and intuitive way.

It’s about guessing a word in a maximum of 6 attempts, with a mechanism that recalls that of the old and glorious Mastermind. It is played with the 21-letter alphabet; for each attempt, a 6-letter word is written and verified by clicking “OK”.

The boxes get colored and give clues; green letter: the letter is the right one; purple letter: the letter to find is one of the previous ones in alphabetical order (for example a purple E, indicates that the correct letter is A, B, C or D); orange letter: the letter to find is one of the following in alphabetical order (for example an orange T, indicates that the correct letter is U, V or Z).

Once the word of the day has been guessed, a score is obtained which depends on the number of attempts made, the time taken and the words used (those that do not exist or with letters already discarded give penalties). And the next screen will keep track of your progress!