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La Venaria Reale chooses studiogiochi



It is with great pleasure and a pinch of pride that studiogiochi announces that it has been chosen by the Savoy royal palace La Venaria Reale as partner for the creation of the puzzle games for the event of the year: “Play. Un anno tutto da giocare”.

Within the Webzine of the lavenaria.it site, in the section “L’Enigma del Re”, a game for all age groups will be published every ten days: crosswords, puzzles, labyrinths, differences and much more, dedicated to the Royal Palace, its history, its masterpieces and all the themes that distinguish it. Combining some of these puzzles is the mysterious “Enigma del Re”, which will be revealed as the games are solved.

In fact, the Royal Palace dedicates the exhibitions and cultural activities of 2022 to the theme of playing, not only for the historical references inside the prestigious Savoy residence, which was par excellence the place of leisure, entertainment and playful moments of the sovereigns, but also for a gaze focused on the present with everyone’s desire to devote themselves to moments of light-heartedness.

One of the games made by studiogiochi for La Venaria Reale
View of the Palace