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The agreement between UISP-GioNa ’14



2014 April 17 – UISP, the Italian Association for Sports (Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti) and GioNa, the Association for Playing Cities (Associazione Nazionale Città in Gioco) have renewed their agreement. Vincenzo Manco, UISP President and Furio Honsell, Mayor of Udine and GioNa President met and signed the documents.

Raffaella Basana, Paolo Munini, Dario De Toffoli and people representing the UISP Association participated to the meeting.

Among important topics they talked also about the problem gambling issue.

GioNa http://www.ludens.it
Uisp http://www.uisp.it/nazionale

17_04 protocollo uisp.jpg
Vincenzo Manco (UISP) and Furio Honsell (GioNa)


Here below a short version of the document.


Given that:
the Association for Playing Cities (GioNa):
– unites local organizations (Cities, Districts and Mountain areas) that work for the developement of game activities and free time, promote Events to support the culture and knowledge of games and toys, promote the spread of knowledge, traditions and the culture of games, following the principles of the “Notice of the Playing Cities”;

The Italian Association for Sports (UISP)
– is recognized as promotional organization for Sports by the National Council CONI;
– is inscribed at the National Register of the Social Promotion Associations (law n.383 – 2000 December 7th);

– associates anybody who wishes to take part to any sport activity; promotes the educational purpuse of sports for individuals as well as for groups; recognizes sports like the right of citizenship and resource for integration; works for the promotion and spread – in and through sports and social life  – of a culture of rights; acts for the welfare of citizens and cooperates with anybody that has the same goals.

Considering that the ITLA (International Toy Library Association) promoted since 1999 the World Play Day (May 28), with the purpose of supporting the right of games and its positive consequences in education;

Considering that the World Play Day registered GioNa, CIL, the Italian Association Ludobus and the Toy Libraries (“ALI per giocare”);

Considering the article n. 31 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (written in New York in 1989, November 20 and copied in Italy in 1991, May 27, n. 176), that recognizes the right to play to any child;

Considering the great importance of a healthy playing activity for the development of the person, being an important socializing element;

Considering that GioNa,  through its members, has organized imporant events in occasion of the World Play Day, obtaining the recognition of the President of Italy in 2007;

Considering that UISP promoted since 1999 the Event called “Bimbinpiazza” (“Kids in the squares”) with the goal of making kids experience the cities through movement and playing;

Considering that in the last years there have been significant collaborations among Uisp and GioNa members for the realization of many events;

Considering the emergency concerning problem gambling;

Considering all this, here the statements:
(1) GioNa and UISP subscribe to the World Play Day, engaging themselves to organize playing events and meetings that promote the right of playing each last Saturday of May every year.
(2) The World Play Day has the goal of underlining important elements in games like:

– education and development of an individual, in particular children and kids;
– important tool for cultural expression and possible meeting point among different cultures;
– socilizing factor;
– welfare for life quality.
(3) The main topics of the World Play Day are:
– it is free for everybody;
– it is for any age and for any culture;
– it embraces games of any kind: toys, party games, open air games, sport games, traditional games, boardgames, videogames… and encourages any kind of initiative about games (exhibitions, conferences, debates and more);
– play everywhere: private and public venues, istitutions, outside, with your family, you should play anywhere.

(4) GioNa is engaged to support its members to realize any kind of game activity, also in collaboration with UISP.

(5) Uisp is engaged to promote the World Play Day and to collaborate with all the local organizations that wish to promote games.

(6) GioNa and UISP are mutually engaged to promote and develop activities that involve games, playing and the welfare of citizens.

(7) GioNa and UISP are mutually engaged to fight against problem gambling with prevention, information and conciousness activities.

The monitoring of this agreement will be verified through periodical meetings that should be held in October every year.

This agreement is valid until May 2017, can be modified by any of the two parts and can be renewed once expired.

Read, confirmed and signed

Udine, 2014 April 17

GioNa – Furio Honsell
UISP – Vincenzo Manco