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Verona ’09 – Tocatì




In memory of Giampaolo Dossena

City Library, Protomoteca, Via Cappello 43
SATURDAY September 26, 6 p.m.

Many important persons of the cultural and ludic world gathered  to remember their friend, the intellectual and the peerless expert of games Giampaolo Dossena, recently deceased. Through private and official stories, this very important man of the cultural and ludic world was presented and remembered.

Conducted by: Anna Cinque, RAI Radio2 journalist
Speakers: Giuseppe Giacon (Verona AGA Vice President), Dario De Toffoli (writer), Pinuccia Ferrari in Dossena, Marco Alberto Donadoni (games author), Margherita Forestan (Mondadori), Goffredo Fofi (reviewer for literature, theater and cinema), Barbara Schiaffino (director of the magazine Andersen), Stefano Bartezzaghi (puzzle creator, writer), Sergio Valzania (journalist and tv author).

And here the entire conference:

The video shown during the speech by Dario De Toffoli:
Giampaolo Dossena: speech at the 1st Italian Game Festival 1990 – Lido of Venice