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Leo – muss zum Friseur


Leo – muss zum Friseur

Players: 2-5

Duration: 30-40 min

Age: 6+

First edition:


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Leo the Lion needs to go to the barber. But he dawdles and chats with the animals that he meets on his way. In order to get to the barber before the sunset, he needs the players help.


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See this nice presentation about Leo goes to the barber, realized by HASBRO. This new game edition is now available in USA.

The new Hasbro Gaming Crate Box system! The first box includes Leo goes to the barber.

A fun creation by Leo Colovini published by Abacus Spiele, with as main character the Lion Leo!

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The game


List of editions
  • 2016, Leo - va dal barbiere
    (Italiano) (prima edizione)
  • 2016,
    Leo - wybiera sie do fryzjera
  • 2016, Leo
  • 2016, Leo - musì ke kadernìkovi
    (Ceco, Slovacco)
  • 2016, Leo - muss zum Friseur
  • 2016, Leo - muss zum Friseur
    (Tedesco, Inglese)
  • 2016, Leo
    (Danese, Svedese, Norvegese, Finlandese)
  • 2017, Leo - in drum spre frizer
  • 2017, Ed. Americana