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Giocare con le parole


Puzzles at school:
? a great opportunity for students to have fun and get involved with intellectual but not repetitive activities;
? it may become a good didactic aid for the improvement of logical skills.
This book doesn’t pretend to be a complete work, but it illustrates several possibilities and gives information about word games:
? it issues about “classic” puzzles and “common” puzzles starting from Oedipus until Gianpaolo Dossena which guided many italian readers through the pages of  newspapers and national magazines;
? it teaches to play with letters and words, creating palindromic words, reversed phrases, changes of letters or syllables, adds of letters or syllables, anagrams, and so on;
? it introduces to the solution of a rebus;
? it plays with the meaning of words looking at double meanings and riddles;
? it introduces to the technique and styles of the crossword puzzles;
? it constructs games with words, from the lipogram to the tautogram or the acrostic;
? it lays the foundations for some word challanges between players.
Everything is presented in a simple way, easy to understand as well as
for middle school as for high school students; it allows to practice with single puzzels and it also offers games to be played (with its solution in appendix).  It is a first prodding to start out with puzzles and prepare some works to be done in class.

List of editions
  • 2000, Giocare con le parole
    (Italiano) (first edition)