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Simone Luciani has always been passionate about games, and after experimenting different ludic forms, in 2002 he discovered german games: definitely love at first sight. He begun to create games, until he made his first playable prototype and got in touch with studiogiochi, participating to the Premio Archimede 2004 with Podestà, classified among the first 40. In 2006 he took again part to the competition and with his two games he was among the Top 15. In 2007 he gratuated in educational science with a thesis about  “Rules and imagination – Pedagogy of  boardgames”; this work contains also an interview to Leo Colovini. In 2008 he made his third attempt in the Premio Archimede: three games, all in the Top 15,  with Portobello Road that won the Special Award Cartamundi as best card game and is now published by Piatnik with the name Frutti di mare. Since 2008 studiogiochi is working as agent for many of his prototypes.

Archimede 2008.JPG

During the Premio Archimede 2008

GAMES (with studiogiochi)