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If anyone will ever write the “History of Games in Italy”, Sebastiano Izzo would certainly be a very important figure in it.  With passion, he took care of any kind of game, from the classic games like chess and draughts to the new ones presented every year by the games publishers. He was secretary of the ARCI Dama (draughts), founder and secretary of the ARCI Scacchi (chess) and then ARCI Dama-Scacchi, founder and secretary of the ARCI Unione Giochi, founder and president of the Cartello of Gradara in the Associations of Games and Players, founder and member of the Italian Festival  for Games, member of the jury in the Premio Archimede and adviser of many other  Associations and Federations. A journalist, an intellectual, a polyglot, an author of books, a historian of games and a player, Izzo was “special” also as a person: not at all touched  by the usual social schemes, modest, coy and quiet, totally uninterested in money and business, he was loved in the entire world of sports and culture associationism and always contributed with his presence to loosen tensions and  cheer up the judgements. Sebastiano Izzo died in july 1996, at the age of 56, 56 years lived in a free, interesting and varied way.

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Urbino 1994 – Player of the year
Urbino 1994 – Festival Italiano dei Giochi’s staff
Marina di Carrara 1994 – Prize giving at Estategiochi
Gradara 1991 – “Castello di Gradara” Foundation with ludic associations


BOOKS (with studiogiochi)

  • Scacchi (1999) with
    Sebastiano Izzo,
  • Machiavelli (1989) with
    Dario De Toffoli, Francesco Valente, Sebastiano Izzo,