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Félix Bernat Julián

Spanish author Félix Bernat Julián won the Cartamundi Special Prize for the best card game at the 2018 Premio Archimede contest with the game Conclave X, published by Piatnik as Kleine Kläffer in 2020.

“I have been playing games since I was a child, but the spark to create them came after seeing a contest advertisement (Granollers contest 2010). Since then I have constantly tried to improve myself in the game designing. I like to develop easy games but with an in-depth strategy introducing new original mechanics.
Right now at 2020, two of my designs have been published: Mastabas by GDM Games (2019) and Kleine Kläffer by Piatnik (2020). Other versions of the latter will soon be published in several countries.”

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