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Masters in Games


The secrets of the game designer

Workshop organized by studiogiochi in collaboration with Rete Biblioteche Venezia

Rete Biblioteche Venezia, as part of the Youth Policy Intervention Plans supported by Regione Veneto, titled Giovani e Generattività. Protagonisti del presente, creatori di futuro, organizes, in collaboration with studiogiochi, a workshop dedicated to game design.

The project will consist of a series of sessions, to be held from January to September 2024 at the Carpenedo Bissuola Library, and will be divided into two parts:

1) from the game to the idea
2) from the idea to your game

The meetings are free of charge and aimed primarily at young people aged 14 and older. Participants will have the opportunity to discover the mechanisms underlying board games and the cultural aspects of the game itself. The goal of the project is to propose the game not only as an opportunity for socialization, but also in its cultural aspects and as a professional opportunity, the end result of which will be the design and implementation of a prototype of a new board game, which will be tested and proposed as a candidate for Premio Archimede.

Saturday, January 2024, 5 pm
at Carpendo Bissuola Library.
Spartaco Albertarelli (game designer) talks with Dario De Toffoli.


First part

From the game to the idea

Gaming sessions and analysis of board games

4:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Wednesday, Jan. 24: Fun: party games
Wednesday, Feb. 7: From puzzles to board escape rooms
Wednesday, Feb. 21: Let’s discover some game mechanics: set collection games
Wednesday, March 6: Race and path games
Wednesday, March 20: The Catan Revolution
Wednesday, April 3: The board is created by playing: Carcassonne
Wednesday, April 17: Let’s discover some game mechanics: worker placement
Wednesday, May 8: Let’s discover some game mechanics: draft and deckbuilding

Participation by signing up, ages 14 and up… you can also attend individual dates by specifying the date of the session you are signing up for, subject to availability.

For registration write to: biblioteca.carpenedobissuola@comune.venezia.it

Part two

From the idea to your game

Creative workshop

Put ingenuity and creativity into play: build your own board game starting with your idea and developing it under the guidance of experts. You will learn how to build a prototype, put it to the test by playtesting and develop it according to the feedback collected… and then have it entered into the prestigious Premio Archimede.

Are you ready to challenge yourself?

A free workshop, upon signing up while spots last, starting in May for 6 sessions. The full schedule will be available from April 2024.

For information: Carpenedo Bissuola Library – tel. 334.1083608 – biblioteca.carpenedobissuola@comune.venezia.it