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Ciao Teodomiro Dal Negro



Teodomiro Dal Negro, known as Miro, long time CEO of the famous and ancient playing cards factory of Treviso bearing his name, has sadly passed away.
He was a very special character, Miro! Nice, friendly, curious, sometimes surprising. He loved good food, racing in a car (really too much, I never wanted to ride with him!) And many other things!

In the 80s and 90s we had an intense, fruitful and fun collaboration with Miro and his company.
From the first published games (“Colors” and “Sai dov’è”, later renamed “Verba Volant”) to the wonderful wooden boards specially produced for the international Backgammon tournaments that we organized at the Venice Casino; from the introduction in Italy of the famous “Abalone” to the Italian Championship of “Sei” (6 nimmt!), And then Lex Arcana.
Here is Lex Arcana! Volume I opens with Emperor Theodomirus’ speech to the Senate, a tribute we paid to the man who allowed the creation of what has become perhaps the most famous Italian RPG.

Farewell Emperor Theodomirus, we will remember you with a smile on our lips!

In the photo, Miro Dal Negro is the one furthest to the right in the second row, with his hands over his mouth.
It was October 5, 1990 and we were at the 1st Italian Games Festival at the Lido of Venice, at the meeting-debate “Game and sport: hypothesis for an association of all sports of the mind”. In front of Miro, none other than Giampaolo Dossena and in the room, you can spot Alex Randolph, Marco Donadoni, Alberto Fiorin, Alessandro Castelli, among others…