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Garum by Ricardo Jorge Gomes



Today we talk about the Portuguese Ricardo Jorge Gomes, one of the incredible guys you can be so lucky to meet taking part at the Mind Sports Olympiad.

He is one of the few top players without a great chess background, he comes directly from the Tabletop games world.
And he is very, very competitive.

Just for making it clear:
– Eurogames World Champion at MSO 2018
– Stone Age World Champion (2015)
– twice semi-finalist at World Catan Championship (2016, 2018)
– semi-finalist at Carcassonne World Championship (2014)

and we could go on and on.
Just try to have him as an opponent! Eheheheh…

Dario De Toffoli with Ricardo Jorge Gomes at the Mind Sports Olympiad 2016

Ricardo loves games so much that, in his spare time, he enjoyed being a tester, a translator, a juror and he also started designing his own games as well.
Three of his creations have already been published: Fado, Duro 1872 and Garum… notice that Garum took part in Premio Archimede 2016 with the name of Overmatch!

Garum took part in Premio Archimede 2016 with the name of Overmatch

All this enthusiasm has been noticed, and so he quit his regular job and achieved his dream to work full time on games: as a matter of fact, he his now the Public Relations and Organized Play Manager for the publisher Devir.

Well done Ricardo, and congrats!