Play 2018



PLAY 2018
Festival del Gioco in Modena

As in the past years studiogiochi will take part in Play, the Game Festival in Modena (6-8 april)

Our dates:

– april 5th – from 9.30


Waiting for Play festival to begin, there will be a conference (tavola esagonale) at Modena University (Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia), where, among many others, Dario De Toffoli will talk about “irrational persistence” a typical error that can occur while playing but also in real life.
Live streaming available on:

– april 7th – 11.30 – Modena Fiere – 1st floor, room 30

Dario De Toffoli will introduce the activities and future goals of the newborn Italian Game Archives (Archivio Italiano dei Giochi)
For further details see the Archives website.

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