Kangourou 2016




Mathematics can also become a game! In the town of Cervia, the finals (May 9, 2016) of the Math Event Kangourou (www.kangourou.it), with about 200 kids coming from the whole Country. Maths and games are getting more popular: you shouldn’t fear them, they could help people think!


It has been an intense and fun day, beginning with the presentation to teachers and parents of the magazines “Mate” (the first number just came out) and “Logika” (here below Mayor of Udine Furio Honsell showing it to Piergiorgio Odifreddi)! The handed out copies literally disappeared!

Mate.jpg   SAM_0322.jpg

During the morning – while the competitors (elementary and high school students) were concentrating in their challenge, Dario De Toffoli entertained teachers and parents talking about mental calculation… not a very common issue here in Italy. Click here to see the original slides of the presentation.

Finally, during the evening, a little challenge in mental calculation, all together, middle school and high school students and also adults. Guess what: the worst performance has been done by the adults, students did definitely much better!
Would you like to try it out? Click here to download the challenge. You have 30 minutes time to solve it.
Beware, you can’t take notes or write anything except for the final result, no corrections are allowed. Don’t cheat, or all the fun will be gone!